Witches, oracles and other literary divinations

It is not customary, between our pages, to speak of divination or esotericism. However, according to Gaspard’s Bilan du marché du livre au Québec, this sector totaled $967,356 in sales in 2021. This sum, moreover, represents a significant increase of 49.8% compared to the previous year, with its tarots and horoscopes at the top of the list of products sold. This enthusiasm pushes us to present to you, from a contemporary and literary angle, a dossier featuring the figureheads of the genre: witches, oracles and other divinatory tools. Who knows if, over the course of your reading, you will not have some revelations…

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Witch, witch, tell me who you are

From the once hated figure of the Middle Ages to that of today’s proud feminist, the witch has changed very little despite the years. She owes nothing to anyone, listens to her intuition, extricates herself from social dogma. That’s why it scares so much. His appearances in literature are numerous, protean and occupy all the spectrums of a personality that sometimes wants to be malicious, but very often affable. If Hermione, Médée, Mélisandre, Samantha, Morgane and many others are not in our selection below, this is only proof that interesting witches are indeed numerous in our libraries and that several discoveries still remain. to do.

Our witch islands

Sheltel: an isolated island on which the scent of witchcraft has been hovering for centuries. A territory that believes itself to be the only one spared by the Great Night earthquake. And yet. The remarkable novel by up-and-coming writer Chris Vuklisevic — she won the Folio SF 20th anniversary competition — takes us to the outskirts of Sheltel, coveted by a troop of pirates. On the railing, the young Erika is ready to do anything to leave the bondage.

Pointed hat, disjointed mouth: The figure of the witch in Les enfants du…

In 1975, Anne Hébert placed in the trembling hands of her readers The Children of the Sabbath, a sort of grimoire; of novel-fever that accelerates the heartbeat and paralyzes the body with anxious tension; of novel-nightmare which, in order to forget it, in order not to return to it ritually, in order to get rid of it, requires the acquisition of a ferocious dreamcatcher. Once the book has been deposited, an obsessive figure remains imbued in the consciousness: the witch.

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Witches, oracles and other literary divinations

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