Which planet for which astrological sign?

If all the planets of the solar system exert a more or less important influence on our destiny, one of them, according to our astrological sign, plays a decisive role. Discover the one that governs you.

In astrologyWe count ten planets or more exactly eight planets (Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, Venus) and two stars (the sun and the moon). They influence a zodiac sign, or even several, in terms of character, aptitudes and thus participate in our future, whether near or far. It is therefore necessary to discover them in their positive and negative contributions.

The Sun, in astrology, represents our relationship to others but also our inner world. In a horoscope, for all the signs, it gives indications on our vitality, our apprehension of existence. It also illustrates the masculine identity, the virility or the part of masculinity that animates a female person. Its corresponding element is Fire..

  • The Sun can have a positive influence when it improves self-image. As a result, it participates in everyone’s ambition.
  • But it can also exert negative forces by accentuating our selfish behavior, our fatuity, even our sufficiency.

This star is predominant among people of the sign Leo. This is why the latter like to shine so much in society and are sometimes dependent on the gaze of others.

If, as we have seen, the Sun symbolizes masculinity, the Moon illustrates femininity. She therefore represents the woman or the part of femininity that resides in a man. This star also plays a fundamental role in everyone’s behavior. Like the Sun, it conditions relationships and inner movements, in particular the imagination and the unconscious that animate each individual. The Water element is associated with it.

  • The Moon has positive contributions when it accentuates well-being and serenity. It brings gentleness and humility.
  • The Moon can have negative influences when its presence develops in the individual a form of idleness and a capricious character.

the moon sign is related to people under the Cancer sign. It is therefore no coincidence that people of this sign are distinguished by their gentleness. We also find in the latter a tendency to an inconsistency worthy of a child … too spoiled!

Mercury is the communication planet. We remember that the Roman god Mercury (or Hermes among the Greeks) is the messenger of the gods. This planet gives predispositions to exchange, sharing and determines the intellectual acuity of individuals. It can also illustrate a certain futility or superficiality. The Air element is associated with it.

  • When Mercury brings positive, it is to accentuate sociability, animate beings with a sense of humor, facilitate their communication skills.
  • On the other hand, when Mercury wants to be negative, it maintains the reports without depth, the palaver, the absence of sensitivity. It can also generate nervous and excessive tension.

Mercury is the planet of Gemini and Virgothat is to say very cerebral people, driven by a certain intellectual curiosity but also versatile in their relationships with others.

This planet plays a fundamental role since it governs our love life, the expression of our feelings but also our relationship to art, to aesthetics. Venus symbolizes beauty and sensuality. It can also represent the woman as a person sure of her charms and able to play the temptress by exploiting the weaknesses of the other. The element corresponding to Venus is Air.

  • When Venus has a positive influence, it brings harmony, shapes charming beings, artists but also people who shine through their sociability.
  • Otherwise, Mercury can stir up jealousy, indolence, a form of superficiality. It can also illustrate a certain cowardice in the face of life events.

Thus Mercury is the planet of Taurus and Libra., signs recognizable by their quest for well-being and aesthetics. They are beings relying on strong values ​​(marriage for example) to build their way of life.

If we had to choose one word and only one to sum up the influence of Mars, it would be action. This planet conveys the notion of movement, speed but also the balance of power between beings. It is she who determines our ability to manage the events that mark out our existence. Mars can also illustrate the sexual drive, the lover, the power of the games in the alcove. The element that echoes it is Fire.

  • When the contribution of Mars is positive, we speak of people animated by a certain spontaneity and brilliant by their dynamism, their ability to provoke events.
  • When the contribution of Mars is negative, one underlines a side soup with milk, an aggressive and sensitive character. It is also the expression of obvious violence.

We then understand that Mars is the dominant planet for Aries, beings known and recognized for their energy, their ability to play the leader of men but also for their angry character and their exacerbated libido! People of the Scorpio sign are also affected, particularly in terms of aggressiveness and dynamism.

Pluto symbolizes the break, the end to go towards a new start, a rebirth. This planet brings charisma and presence but also a side a little borderline. The people under its influence do not hesitate to affirm their singularity and are not afraid, sometimes, to cross certain taboos. Pluto also exemplifies courage and determination. The element associated with it is Water..

  • When Pluto brings positive energies, it provides the weapons to reinvent oneself. In his presence, people develop a keen sense of psychology and can rely on their intuitions.
  • Otherwise, Pluto causes death drives and anxieties. It shapes Machiavellian, manipulative individuals. The influence of Pluto can also illustrate unhealthy situations or complex crises.

The planet Pluto strongly interacts on the destiny of Scorpio. Indeed, we find the characteristics of the latter through a determined and complex character. The manipulative aspect is not negligible either.

Jupiter, by its presence in an astral chart, illustrates the situation at work, professional success or failure and optimism as a philosophy of life. This planet also gives indications on the opportunities which can mark out our existences. It represents authority, the male figure but also the pecuniary aspect. Conjugated to Venus, Jupiter gives indications on formalized romantic relationships. Air is the element associated with it.

  • When Jupiter has a positive influence, it symbolizes luck, success, organizational abilities, and the joy that comes from work.
  • With a negative intake, Jupiter illustrates problems with justice, pretentiousness and lack of humility. It gives indications on the personalities carried on the excesses.

Thereby we find under its influence the Sagittariuscharacterized by optimism and fortune but also by their ability to work collectively, to seize the opportunities that punctuate their existence.

This planet illustrates the actions, the decisions to be taken, the concrete, the reflection, the events which will have a real consequence on the paths of life in the long term. This implies notions of prudence, rigor, taking a step back, obligations but also frustration and renunciation. Saturn is not always very popular in an astral theme because it can be synonymous with separation, sentimental and professional rupture. It is associated with the element Earth.

  • When Saturn has a positive influence, it echoes patience, the ability to organize, to plan, to show method in one’s actions. It exemplifies wisdom and maturity.
  • With a negative influence, the presence of Saturn is synonymous with loneliness, unease, unhealthy obsession, lack of imagination, restriction.

Saturn is the planet of Capricorn. It reflects their Cartesian temperament, their very high capacity for work, their honesty but also their obsessions close to manicness.

Uranus reminds us that life is always in motion, that pitfalls can arise at any time. But it is also theannouncement of positive changes, of choices to be made at each crossroads of existence. Its presence can therefore be synonymous with creation and destruction. This planet can also represent iconoclastic, singular personalities, eager for freedom. It can announce a certain anger. Earth is the associated element.

  • When the presence of Uranus is positive, it illustrates an independent, free character, showing originality. It also announces sudden and joyful events.
  • When its presence is negative, it warns against selfishness, a risk of marginality. This planet also refers to the hiccups of life, to difficult events.

Uranus is the planet of Aquariusthus recalling the adventurous, even rebellious side of these people, their need for freedom, their individualism but also their instability.

This planet reminds the oneiric world, the dreams, the sometimes exacerbated ideology that can reach extremes, the feelings and other feelings not always easy to apprehend that can destabilize the inner worlds. It can also be synonymous with addictive behavior and personality disorders. The element associated with Neptune is Water..

  • In a positive contribution, Neptune can reflect instinct, psychological finesse, well-channeled intuition, but also notoriety and creative genius.
  • In a negative approach, she highlights addictions, the harmful influence of those around you, the lack of regulation, cowardice and the fact of preferring dreams to reality.

Neptune is the planet of Pisces, that is to say people who shine with their imagination, their sensitivity, their inspirations. Very utopian, they sometimes get lost in illusions, far, very far from any reality.

Attention, if a planet is dominant for each sign, it is also necessary to consider a secondary planet according to the decan of each one !

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Which planet for which astrological sign?

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