What are the fashion trends that will reign in 2023?

Pinterest has just unveiled its Predicts report in which the future fashion trends for 2023 are announced. Take notes!

pinterest deciphers fashion trends every year thanks to the research data of its users. And as 2022 draws to a close, the app released its Pinterest Predicts report. This one presents the big fashion influences of 2023. To produce this report, Pinterest based on months ofanalyzes and evaluations of its users’ research carefully peeled. For 2022, Pinterest was right: 80% of the trends announced effectively ruled the year. A meticulous review of the past twelve months or a bluffing divination session, one thing is certain by reading this article, you will be the best informed about the future of fashion trends.

What will be the most fashionable materials in 2023?

Spring-Summer 2023 show © Dior

In 2023, fashion will aspire to lightness. The supple and refined materials will dress all fashionistas, from airy tulle with delicate lace, including romantic ruffles. And women won’t be the only ones to succumb to it, since this trend is absolutely gender neutral.

The most searched keywords

  • Shimmering Dress: +365%
  • Long-sleeved lace top: +225%
  • Tulle sleeves: +65%
  • Men’s jabot shirt: +95%
  • Tulle pants outfit: +70%
Fringe bag © Bertrand-Hillion Marie-Paola/ABACA

Why are we going to wear fringes in 2023?

The fringes on clothing, it’s the big hit of the disco years (and western inspiration) which is making a strong comeback in 2023 according to Pinterest. They give a touch rock, chic Where Bohemia to outfits and promise maximum pace. Whether on a bag, a jacket, a top or even shoes, it’s the detail that makes the difference in 2023, because it puts the silhouette in motion. As proof, the fringes were seen on the Bottega Veneta, Diesel or Givenchy fashion shows during Fashion Week. spring-summer 2023.

The most searched keywords

  • Fringed dress outfit: +255%
  • Fringed jacket: +60%
  • Beaded Fringe Dress: +75%
  • Fringed wedding dress: +45%
  • Black fringed skirt outfit: +155%

The trend of 90s-2000swhich has reigned over fashion for several seasons, will be literally everywhere in 2023. Only this time it will be inspired by the characters of our favorite romantic movies and series. You can already start copying the looks tank tops + cargo pants by Kat in 10 Things I Hate About YouRory’s wise outfits in the TV show Gilmore Girls where the candy pink sets Wednesday in the feature film Lolita in spite of me

The most searched keywords

  • 2000s girl: +235%
  • Cool Girl Aesthetic Outfits: +140%
  • Pink miniskirt outfit: +145%
  • Rhinestone dress: +90%
  • 90s Vintage Summer Outfits: +150%
minecraft burberry
Look from the collab © Minecraft x Burberry

Fashion is adopting a back to the future mood. And is also inspired by the world of video games, galvanized by sharp collaborations that project us into the metaverse. Graphic glasses, delirious boots, avant-garde silhouettes… Ready for this funny trip?

The most searched keywords

  • Dystopian Outfits: +215%
  • Vanguard Outfit: +225%
  • Cyber ​​streetwear: +70%
  • Gamer look: +3,370%
  • Futuristic glasses: +70%

Halfway between past and future, between the ideal world of romance and the universe of a dystopian future, the year 2023 has many surprises in store for us. So what trends will you adopt for this new year?

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What are the fashion trends that will reign in 2023?

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