We hit some (big) bars with the Comedy Club team

Of course it’s a mess. How could it not be, with such a team? There are Just Riadh. And then several young stand-up stars. A-Z, Sophie, Illyes, Marine, Nick, Meryem. All gathered for the Comedy Club filming day, the TikTok version of the famous format “Lol, who laughs comes out!” launched by Prime Video, and whose first episode was released on November 16. Seven are planned in total.

“The rules are simple”recalls on the Just Riadh sets, as a presenter animated by a seriousness that we did not suspect of him. Roughly speaking : no one has the right to laugh. Each in turn, the six actors invited to the competition will have to go on stage to make their competitors crack. Those who give in will receive a yellow warning card. In the event of a repeat offence, it is red that falls – synonymous with exclusion from the grand final.

In this game of the XXL format goatee, all means are good. Let me smack you with a fajita tortilla, here I am telling you the funniest story of the decade. And – hold on! – on the right, on the left, it tries to defraud. Casually, looking innocent. What abuse. In short, we are going to tell you about the 100% barred shooting of the Comedy Club. Take a deep breath. You have the right to laugh, you.

6 talents, 6 sketches, 6 giggles

The cameras have not even started filming the intro of the show that it is already the bastringue. In an ultra pop decor, living room style cozy where lava lamps, funky wigs, and inflatable knightly weapons rub shoulders (yes, yes), our challengers rise in pressure.

All have passed through the Paname Comedy Club, all know each other. And it shows, in the good-natured atmosphere that reigns on set. It’s like seeing a bunch of high school friends gathered together, suddenly, in a classroom. “Stop, you’re stressing me out” lets go of one of the talents while the group takes a big swig while piling up the valves. Let our comedians enjoy. The atmosphere is about to change completely.

And it’s Just Riadh who rings the gong. “From now on, no more golri rights – or it’s a direct hit”, warns the facilitator. The one we loved to see stop giggling in the second season of LOL is obviously about to have a great time. The feet in fans, the happy face. “I know what it is, I’ve been in their place before”, emphasizes to us the videographer. And to add, giving an amused nod to the candidates:“on this one I am in total relaxation, the pressure is on their side”. Clearly, the influencer is taking it easy.

The same cannot be said for other actors. It’s up to them to get on the track, and do what they know how to do best: provoke laughter. By systematically keeping their seriousness, however. No way to spoil you their sketches. We will content ourselves with quoting, on the menu, a 100% lunar divination session, the mime story of a feverish Rastaman. And the “Question for a champion” muscular version. Very, very muscular.

“You are the cheater!”

Holy program. Enough to make the ban on curling up an impossible mission for our challengers. On the scale of the galley, AZ admits to putting a “big, big 8.5/10” and Nick “8/10”. In total crack, Sophia opts squarely for the “10/10”. In fact, it is enough to subdue the faces of the candidates to understand that we are on an authentic ordeal. Mouths tight, lips pursed – muffled laughter, very, very, far in the back of the throat.

Some manage to stay stoic. Others less. Much less. Soon, the boxes rained down. So it negotiates, it poucave, it disputes. “It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me!”But swear I didn’t even smileiiiiiiiiiiiis”, “Where do I take a sanction when he’s only been making fun of himself for a while now?”. In offsome even admit to having slipped through the cracks. “Phew, I laughed too much but no one saw me”, whispers to his friend, one of the participants (whose name we will keep silent). Just Riadh, if you read us…

Who asked for lashes for the final bouquet?

When they are not busy confiding their misdeeds during station wagons, our new shoots of humor do… Anything. They beat each other up with inflatable cactuses, try on all sorts of wigs, winnow themselves galore. The big break, unbridled as we like. A way to relieve the pressure, no doubt. Because let’s not forget: we are in a competition.

A colorful contest whose final (motus and mouth sewn on the names of the comedians in the running…) is an escalation of the absurd where “All shots are allowed” – it’s Just Ryiad who says it, not us. On the program: lashes, whimsical disguises, egotistic singing. And even an endurance face-to-face worthy of the Koh-Lanta pole test. Yeah, definitely. We say no more. And again: take a deep breath. You have the right to laugh, you.

Comedy Club is now, exclusively on the TikTok Prime Video account.

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We hit some (big) bars with the Comedy Club team

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