Villefranche in ten years: what will the city look like? Discover our survey from Monday, May 30

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From Monday May 30 to Saturday June 4, discover our survey of Villefranche in 10 years.

For a few weeks, La Dépêche du Midi has been looking at the future: “Villefranche in ten years”. Far from divination or clairvoyance, this investigation into the projection of the city in a decade paints the portrait of a dynamic that could modify the bastide as we know it or as we have known it. Through different themes, this dossier traces a hypothetical future history based on current policies, the forecasts of institutions and the projects of residents and private actors. Nine themes will be detailed throughout the week: demography, environment, living environment, trade, health, sport and culture and youth.


Villefranche-de-Rouergue is an aging town, which has lost many inhabitants over the past few decades. Will the sub-prefecture find a substantial demography? Will she keep her young? Will it attract newcomers? What dynamics on real estate currently?

The environment

Will the pearl of Rouergue be a green city? Are we moving towards a zero waste policy? What mobility for the next ten years in rural areas in the face of fuel prices?

The framework of life

What will the bastide look like in ten years? Will it find its inhabitants and its businesses? Will she be rehabilitated? Will she have a new face? Can the heritage be enhanced? Will you know an airy city?


What future for the Villefranchois trade which is currently suffering? How to revitalize the center through attractive shops and windows? Will the competition between the Montauban road and the bastide still be so important? Will the Internet play a game in the future?


What economy in ten years? Will the city still see its businesses grow? Will new businesses set up? What will be the economic dynamics in the future?


Will Villefranche be a flagship tourist town in the region? Which tourism in ten years? Will holidaymakers spend more time enjoying the territory? What role can tourism play in the attractiveness of the city?


While the city of Villefranche is experiencing a loss of speed in terms of health with the lack of staff, doctors, dentists… Will we be able to treat ourselves well in ten years? Will we find country doctors? Should we go for treatment in the big cities? Will the closure of nursing home beds have consequences in ten years? Will we be able to age well in Villefranche?

sports and culture

Will culture be able to play a central role in the attractiveness of Villefranche? What animations could create a dynamic? What future for associative and sporting life when the lack of volunteers is making itself felt?

The youth

What do the young people of Villefranche-de-Rouergue think? Do they want to leave or come back? What projects can attract young people? Are we going to develop education?

On Saturday, you can read two great interviews with the mayor of Villefranche-de-Rouergue, Jean-Sébastien Orcibal and the opposition through Laurent Tranier, Véronique Roux, Françoise Taoubi and Georges Do Rozario. They will tell us about their vision of the city in ten years.

Discover our file from Monday May 30 and until Saturday June 4 in the pages of La Dépêche du Midi and on the website.

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Villefranche in ten years: what will the city look like? Discover our survey from Monday, May 30

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