Toss a coin into a fountain to grant your wishes

Inseparable from the Eternal City, it is a ritual that is supposed to bring luck to those who perform it: tossing a coin into a fountain. Where does this practice come from?

Why is the coin tied to a water source?

A coin, the price of the kingdom of Hades

In Greek mythology, the Acheron is a river that separates the world of the living from that of the dead. River of the underworld, it is well known to the families of the deceased who know that their loved one will not reach the kingdom of Hades without compensation. In order to facilitate the passage of the deceased from one world to another and to protect him from the mouths of Hell, it is advisable not to offend the ferryman, Charon. Anyone who forgot to pay his debt risked the deceased to wander the banks of the Styx for a hundred years. This is why a coin was placed in the mouth of the latter, an offering intended to remunerate Charon and to thank him for his good services..

Charon, an inflexible ferryman

A stooped old man whose hair sometimes bristled with snakes, Charon was renowned for his ruthlessness. In the absence of payment, no possible peace for the deceased! Some came to fear that they would not be able to pay the driver of Hell when the time came. To guard against this eventuality, they decided to pay the price of their crossing in advance. How ? During their lifetime, they went to the banks of the river and threw a coin into it, respecting a custom of the first importance. They absolutely had to turn their backs to the river to throw the coin because looking at the river was accompanied by the risk of misleading Charon. This one could indeed believe that whoever threw the coin was already ready for the crossing.

Honor the gods then the Saints

From Antiquity, springs have been associated with gods. Subsequently, with the influence of Christianity, they ended up taking the names of the Saints. During the pilgrimages, the tradition gradually took hold of throw coins into a fountain as an offering, to honor the god or the Saint to whom one had come to visit. Some hope that this attention will bring them chanceothers even formulate the wish for a cure using this process. What is valid for the fountain is also valid for a basin or a source.

Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain

Located in Rome, this fountain is undoubtedly the most famous in the world. In addition to being renowned for the beauty of its architecture revolving around the god Neptune, it is rumored thatshe brings good luck. Each year thousands of tourists gather around it to accomplish a immutable ritual: turn your back to the fountain, close your eyes, throw the coin over your shoulder and make a wish, that of returning one day to the Eternal City. That’s not all ! By tossing two coins, you could find true love in Rome and with three coins, discount a marriage.

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Toss a coin into a fountain to grant your wishes

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