Top 15 strangest divinatory arts

The future is the unknown, and that has always worried men. From shamans to clairvoyance sites, we need to know what’s going to happen. As a result, we have developed many more or less reliable disciplines, and one of the most prolific is that of the divinatory arts. There are hundreds of them but all aim to generate predictions. Forget the coffee grounds or the stars, we found you heavy, very heavy.

  1. Pissomancy: divination by throwing dried peas
    As its name does not indicate, pissomancy consists of throwing dry peas. So certainly you look a little stupid but if it allows you to win the Euromillion? Eh ? HAHA. Oh yeah man.
  2. Scapulomancy: divination by examining the burnt shoulder blades of animals
    I thought Topito’s team made me a hidden camera but no, scapulomancy does exist. So if you ever inadvertently burn your dog’s shoulder blade, don’t hesitate to read the future on it, it’s free.
  3. Apleuromancy: divination by the messages contained on or in biscuits
    I knew a guy who could guess the weather by unscrewing Prince de LU. For my part, I prefer to read the future in dark chocolate Délichoc.
  4. Crommyomancy: divination by onions
    It’s not easy to be clairvoyant when your eyes are full of tears, but some do. Hat.
  5. Onychomancy: divination by the reflection of the fingernails
    The onychomancers are also a little revered since the appearance of nail art and French manicure, two phenomena which distort their art considerably.
  6. Aspidomancy: divination by shields
    We are not going to lie to each other, aspidomancy has been on the decline for a few years. (Since the capitulation of Vercingetorix in fact.)
  7. Tyromancy: divination by cheese
    “You see Jacqueline, this Gouda with cumin just told me that you were going to leave me for my best friend. It’s not a very friendly attitude.”
    Credits Photo (CC BY-SA 3.0): airunp
  8. Menomancy: divination through menstruation
    Ladies, depending on the day your period arrives, you can learn a lot about your future (wealth, love, health, etc.) And if they don’t arrive, we can also predict your future from 9 months to come.
  9. Bactromancy: divination of the time to come using a frog
    Put a frog in a basin of water and soil. If it goes into the water: storm. If it stays on land: good weather. Ah that they are really pissed off with their satellites…
  10. Bibliomancy: divination by reading a random text
    The guys decided not to piss off. We take a book at random, we read a page at random and we make an interpretation. Who said “randomly”?
  11. Chasmimancy: divination by yawning
    “I see…I see…that you are very tired at the moment. Am I wrong?”
  12. Cokkygomancy: divination by the cuckoo
    Hello“Hey, I’m going to be rich this year.”Hi Hi“Oh, the neighbor is going to have a riding accident.”Cuckoo Cuckoo-Cuckoo“This Jean-Pierre is a beautiful disgusting if you want my opinion!
  13. Alectryonomancy: divination by letters or grains chosen by a rooster or a hen
    The process is simple. We put grains and a hen on a table and we read the future in the grains she chooses. The hardest part is getting her to spit out the grains once she has them in her beak.
  14. Scatomancy: divination by examining feces
    Ouééééé poo!!! Read in poo! POOP IS THE FUTURE. POO.
  15. Amniomancy: divination by the membrane covering the head of some newborns
    If a stranger in a dress wants to enter your delivery room, don’t panic, he just wants to grab a piece of your baby’s skin to read the future on. Normal.

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Top 15 strangest divinatory arts

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