There are plenty of good reasons to drink coffee but there are still more reasons to hate tea (and all the people who drink it). Coffee is a wonderful drink that deserves to be respected and we’ll explain why.

Drinking coffee reduces the risk of cancer

The Washington Post offered a new comparison that showed coffee has more health benefits than tea. In particular, we can read that coffee consumption reduces the risk of developing cancer, especially for liver and mouth cancer.

The place where you drink hot drinks, it’s called a cafe (not a tea)

Have you ever heard someone say, “See you at the tea party around the corner”? Nah, because that wouldn’t make sense. In addition, an espresso costs less than 2€ whereas if you want a tea, you pay almost 5 bucks for a cup of hot water and a Lipton sachet.

Coffee facilitates transit

We all know that coffee makes you want to poop and that’s a good thing: it improves transit. Coffee helps you digest faster and while it can be boring when you’re stuck in traffic, the post-coffee poo is always a release.

Coffee is a drink of dynamic people

The handy thing about coffee is that it’s quick and efficient. An espresso is made in 10 seconds, can be drunk in one sip and washed off with a sponge. While tea… you have to wait for the water to boil, for the tea to infuse, then for it to cool down a bit. Then, we forget the tea and end up throwing it away when it’s cold before struggling to remove stubborn stains in the cup.

Coffee reduces the risk of developing diabetes

Coffee contains chlorogenic acid and even though it has a scary name, it’s very positive. It allows better control of blood sugar and therefore reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Tea is a drink of the bourgeois, coffee is the drink of the people

Except in the United Kingdom where everyone drinks tea without a hitch, drinking tea remains a somewhat bourgeois activity. We don’t do anything in the middle of the afternoon and we drink hot water in pretty cups with little biscuits. Moreover, we know that the tea drinkers are super arrogantyou have to calm down.

It’s more stylish to read the future in coffee grounds than in tea leaves

Besides, the only person we know who reads the future in tea leaves is the divination teacher in Harry Potter and she wasn’t super good at it.

Top 12 reasons to drink coffee instead of tea this

Coffee smells good while tea smells nothing

More often than not, the tea smells nothing at all and that’s very sad. But sometimes it’s even worse: it smells of vanilla aroma or disgusting red fruits.

Pulp Fiction characters explain that good coffee is super important

When Jules and Vincent are in Jimmy’s kitchen, Jules compliments the quality of the coffee and this scene, like everything else in the film, has become cult worldwide. Not sure they would have spoken like that about a disgusting old green tea.

It makes you want to smoke a cig and the cig makes it look graaaave cool (no)

The coffee-cigarette is an ancestral tradition, it is quite normal to take your coffee for your cigarette break. While a tea-cigarette is really pathetic.

(For obvious reasons, I have to clarify that this is a joke and the fag doesn’t look cool. Thank you for your attention)

Tea was the Queen of England’s favorite drink and she died

I advise you not to be too clever if you drink tea, you never know what can happen.

That fat stupid Mad Hatter always drinks tea

If the Mad Hatter drank coffee in Alice in Wonderland, he might be less mad. We do not know.

As we love to eat at all the racks, you can also discover all the good reasons to prefer tea. Hey yeah, we change our minds like a shirt, what are you going to do?

Source : washington post