The meaning of the letter M in the palm of the hand revealed

Considered strange by some, palmistry is a divinatory art that has been practiced for centuries. Originating from Hindu astrology, this practice is found in ancient Chinese divination texts. Mastered by Aristotle, he later passed it on to Alexander the Great, who used it to learn more about the character of his military officers. In this article, we will tell you what the letter M on the palm of your hand means.

Practiced for thousands of years, palmistry is an esoteric art that comes from chiro (hand) and mancia (divination). In fact, this study of the palm of the hand reveals that if the letter M appears, it means that you are a special person. The latter forms when the main lines of your palm, called the heart, head and life lines are aligned. This marking is quite rare and is said to be a blessing and an indication of good fortune, joy and success.

The main lines of palm reading

The heart line: called also line of love, it starts from the edge of the palm, under the little finger, crossing the hand and stopping below the middle or index finger. It raises the behavior of a person in the face of love and reveals your affective and emotional state. In other words, your love status and personal relationships are reflected in this line. The shorter the line, the more self-centered, cold and ruthless you are. On the other hand, if it is long, it means that you are overflowing with love, dreams and hopes.

The head line: VSis the line of wisdom and intelligence. It starts from the edge of the palm, between the thumb and index finger, and extends across the hand to the little finger, forming a parallel line with the line of heart. The head line says a lot about a person’s belief, attitude, reasoning ability, creativity, memory, and self-control.

When it is long, it means that you are clear in your thoughts, receptive and considerate towards others. If it stops at your ring finger, it means you are brilliant and extremely intelligent. If, on the other hand, your head line is short and stops at the middle finger, it reveals that you are impulsive, indecisive and thoughtless.

The lifeline: Just below the head line, it also starts at the edge of the hand, between the thumb and index finger, and extends down to the base of the thumb. Some people use it to guess lifespan, but it’s only a partial view of palm reading.

In reality, it mainly reflects a person’s vitality and energy. In addition, it also helps predict significant events in a person’s life. If it is absent and the other lines are clearly drawn, this does not indicate anything good. If it is long and deep, it means that you are particularly resistant to disease, if on the contrary it is short, it shows that your health is fragile and that you are likely to be regularly subject to disease.

A letter for special hands

When the three main lines are aligned, they form the letter M. People with this mention are rare and are therefore considered special and endowed with extraordinary intuition. They are honest people who do not appreciate lies, and thanks to an overdeveloped intuition, they are able to discern right from wrong.

Considered great judges of character, this qualification is nevertheless more developed in women than in men.

These people have the power to change the course of their lives. Intuitive, gifted and enterprising, they do not hesitate to seize all the opportunities that come their way.

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The meaning of the letter M in the palm of the hand revealed

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