The Lebanese in front of the crystal ball

Is our future between clairvoyance and divination? The questions fuse between Lebanese men and women. What will happen tomorrow? Where is the country going? Meanwhile, our politicians continue the trick-or-treating policy.

The country is deteriorating at all levels… It is impossible to imagine a sector in good working order. Politicians are fakers. They are not responsible for anything! They are not guilty of anything! These same politicians continue to abuse the good faith and the credulity of the people. Mystifiers, opportunists, incapable, all the qualifiers at the same time. Without going into the labyrinths of Lebanese politics, if there is one. Let’s take a look at the situation. There is like a massacre of an entire society, an entire culture in full view of everyone.

Take the 2022 budget project, which is nothing more than a blind ax concocted by more or less ignorant but surely murderers. How can one take advantage of a people exhausted by war, by misery? Leaders at all levels robbed him and will make him pay the majority of the losses first. On the other hand, we will beg from the World Bank for subsidies for poor families. All sectors of the country are in misery. This is due to the lack of foresight of those in charge and their lack of vision for plans for the future.

The drain of our brains in all sectors makes us a failed state. Our younger generations are running out of steam paying for universities. It should be noted that the major universities are making efforts to support study costs with aid from outside. The people are suffering, poorly protected medically, both physically and mentally. The social climate is completely ignored by all those responsible. And more and more we overload the social strata already in misery with more and more taxes. In this total disarray, our vision of tomorrow is completely blurred. Our society finds itself in a psychic incapacity to deal with external disorder. Anxiety neuroses appear. Anxiety foreshadows a danger to come. We navigate between fear, stress, worries and obsessions. Everyone questions the oracle or the media gurus about the future. Fortune tellers draw reassuring paths for us in the thickest fog. People are worried: the rate of the dollar, the price of everything, the price of fuel oil, the motor bill for electricity… Moreover, are the elections going to take place? The result of these elections? How are the lists prepared? And nobody reacts, nobody foresees an exit. What will our children do? Is there a future for Lebanon? Other people’s questions: what will lead to the discussions between Iran and America in Vienna, or the contacts between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Others explain to us in secret the underside of the discussions and the sometimes favorable, sometimes disastrous consequences for Lebanon and the Lebanese. The most fooled are those who wait for directives from the leaders. Note that these same leaders who are supposed to know something are the most ignorant. Some report the top-secret confidences of an ambassador met at a dinner. Let’s say that different countries are in turmoil or in dislocation. From Iraq, Syria to Libya, from Yemen to Sudan, to Tunisia and Algeria, the people are looking for their way and for stability. Our problem in Lebanon is with an armed group mobilized by Iran and defeating the country. In the other countries, there are the same destabilizing groups. All of these groups target a common enemy, Israel. Lebanon finds itself alone in a state of war against this enemy. We are under attack, but we reserve the reply for afterwards! This benefits these armed groups to assert their control and destabilize their country. Calmly, we must help our armed group to come to a dialogue table. Everyone will be able to communicate, express, argue, but certainly not under the threat of arms. This insistence on brandishing arms leads to a break-up of the country and a confrontation where all means will be allowed. This so-called civil war is already there, even if it is not declared. It is in the mentalities and in the actions of the armed group, by blocking the country. Like all countries with internal conflicts, the countries already mentioned are sinking and drifting towards humanitarian misery. We end up with a slavery and a drift of the human condition by a mutilation of freedoms and a degradation of the human being. Under these conditions, the Lebanese have no choice but insurrection, and especially when public freedom is violated. Usually, life in society is a meeting of beings who have accepted each other and who can dialogue despite their differences. Our politicians are in a dummy position. Some support, others suffer armed force, which makes their choice unhealthy and toxic. But the people will react and express their discomfort through strikes, through civil disobedience, and perhaps through voting during the elections. Despite his individualism, the Lebanese will have to react. Let him realize that those responsible are perverse and that there are honest, conscious and willing people to take over. There is a rule of law that must be established, despite the heady feeling of the dominant force. Voters must choose candidates with objective (skills, experience) and subjective (image, projects and listening) qualities. In general, people aspire to a leadership of high values ​​of honesty and a spirit of decision (study made by Daniel Coleman, psychologist in the Harvard Business Review). Machiavelli said: “Nothing gives a prince so much esteem as accomplishing great enterprises and giving rare and memorable examples of himself. Our country needs unifying statesmen and not dispersing groups, parties or militias. Our country lives a tragic theater without knowing the plot or the course of the action. A ruling class incapable of securing its people (socially, economically and psychologically) is an incapable or dishonest class. In both cases, it must leave, either by elections or by force of bayonets. Social beings or groups may have different mythological references, historical accounts of their past, religious and fantasy references. This does not prevent cohabiting in a common geographical space. This is the destiny of Lebanon, for a certain future, by the will of all and honest and far-sighted leaders. A president or a leader must embody the nation above partisan interests and protect the state. Lebanon and the Lebanese will arrive at this stability through will and action and not by questioning the crystal ball.

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Is our future between clairvoyance and divination? The questions fuse between Lebanese men and women. What will happen tomorrow? Where is the country going? During this time, our politicians continue the policy of trick-or-treat. The country is deteriorating at all levels… It is impossible to imagine a sector in good working order. Politicians are fakers. They are not…

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The Lebanese in front of the crystal ball

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