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On this back-to-school day, the editorial staff has made a selection of openings for you to discover this weekend!

Mancie Mania

With a play on words around “Mancy” (Divination) and “Mania” (Madness), Noémie Monier invites the resident artists of the Doc space to work around the psyche. By going beyond the only material status of the body to give it a place as a vector of esotericism, “vehicle of truths” and to merge it with the unconscious, spirituality.

Opening on Saturday September 3 at 2 p.m., Doc (19th), for more info click here.

Horizon buried

The work of Manoela Madeiros, operated from archaeological work and materials, combines several temporal strata: the past buried under our feet which suddenly resurfaces, from which she reconstructs a futuristic landscape, working our imagination. Like the passage of time, his work is not linear: it is complex, full of twists and turns in which you can lose yourself for hours.

Opening Saturday, September 3, 6 p.m., Galerie Double V Paris (3rd), for more info click here.

Azul Blue

The Chilean artist Javier Tolo Blum returns to Paris with a bold proposal: an exhibition around Blue. Blue everywhere, in all its forms, as the main character, occupying the space around us. Crossing his work with that of Yves Klein, he establishes an exchange between the blue of his works and the IKB (color registered by the French artist). The name of the exhibition, as a reference to this blending of blue, translates this superimposition of cultures, of nuances according to our situated point of view (culturally, historically).

Opening on Saturday September 3 at 6 p.m., 193 Gallery Paris (3rd), for more info click here.

The skin of the horizon that surrounds us

The photographer Capucine Vever redraws the landscapes. Who has never been frustrated by the lack of life of a frozen representation of a particular place? The work of the artist proposes on the contrary to dive into these interstices, to introduce stories there to account for the multiplicity of stories that crosses our environment, with the mark of as much presence as absence, human , alive or not. For her second exhibition at the Eric Mouchet gallery, consisting of 4 series of works, Capucine vever also imagined a sound environment, composed by Valentin Ferré and Wasis Diop.

Opening on Saturday September 3 at 3 p.m., Galerie Eric Mouchet (6th), for more info click here.

Veni Etiam

Venetian artist Renato d’Agostin returns to his hometown to work with his two original materials: water and wood. Installations, sculptures, videos, photographs… the visual artist uses all sorts of media to tell the alliance of almost indomitable nature (water), and the material worked, modified by Man (wood) which holds the city together. for several centuries. Using the most concrete elements of the city (literally, the buildings that hold it), the artist offers a journey that is nevertheless dreamlike, where the imagination takes on particular importance.

Opening on Tuesday September 6 at 6 p.m., Galerie Bigaignon (4th). For more info, click here.

Visual: official poster of The skin of the horizon that surrounds us.

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The 5 openings of the new school year – Toutaculture

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