September lunar calendar: 5 magical activities to invite good luck into your life!

That magical moment is almost here! But what exactly are we talking about? Well, a new month that opens the door to a whole new season! And with it comes the influence of the moon, which caresses the vibrations of the earth and fills us with its powerful energy. In fact, it is not necessary to be a believer in something higher or to be a spiritual person to do these rituals which will be discussed below. Our ancestors practiced them and their attitude had many positive effects on their lives. So even if you don’t believe in chance or a higher power, even trying them will strengthen something special in you and make you feel better. But do you know what it is? We call it self-love. And often we forget that, because we get caught up in this weird, chaotic thing called life. So why not start a discussion and focus on how the September 2022 lunar calendar can positively influence you?

Do you have the 2022 lunar calendar? Do you plan your life around the phases of the moon to make the most of its magical power? By the way, if you are new and you clicked on this article out of curiosity, we invite you to stay! But why ? Because it’s not so much about practicing “magic” as finding new ways to love yourself and explore your soul. Are you still skeptical? Let’s talk about driving these activities will calm your nerves and hopefully become a new hobby.

Difference between full moon and new moon

the phases of the moon 2022

With its silvery rays caressing the surface of the earth, the full moon sparkles intensely in the sky and we can’t help but think of its enchanting appearance. But is the power of the full moon as strong as it seems? For centuries, people have lived their lives according to the influence of the moon, stars and planets. If this continues today, there is a good reason! By the way, research has shown that yes, solar storms and lunar cycles affect human nature and cause disturbances in our mental and physical health. The full moon is essentially a moment of action, a kind of culmination. In fact, this is its strongest cycle and if you want to do something or find it hard to choose, do it during this time.

On the other hand, we have the new Moon, which is a moment of reflection and inaction. If during the full moon you need to put your life in order and make some changes, during the new moon you need to rest. In fact, its dark side is a time to recharge and prepare for new beginnings. Now that the tumultuous period of ever-changing lunar cycles has passed, you need to reflect on it and prepare to make a fresh start.

full moon september 2022

There are many ways to follow the September lunar calendar and take advantage of it! Here are some self-care rituals that will soothe your mind, caress your soul, and fill you with the silver light of the resplendent moon! In fact, you can use the September lunar calendar not only to balance your energies, but also to benefit your garden! But we will come back to this later.

Recharge Crystals

It is believed that sunlight and moonlight can charge the crystals. But how can they be really charged and positively influence us? If you are a non-believer, consider this. Since all matter is made up of atoms, and matter = energy, it is easy to say that they have energy, like all matter. Humans are made up of atoms, but they are not constant and generally inconsistent and therefore unstable. Crystals, on the other hand, are made up of infinitely repeating atomic structures, resulting in a very stable vibration. Each type has a different atomic composition which results in different vibrations, which interact with ours. So during the next full moon, which will be on September 10 (and August 27, if you read this article earlier), take out your crystals and let them bathe in the moonlight.

make moon water

Moon water, or moon water, has become a trend lately, you may have heard of it. Her belief is that you should write your intentions on a piece of paper, fill a bottle with water, and let it charge under the full moon. But if you want a tutorial, check out our article on the subject.

practice divination

Tarot cards have been around for centuries and are still used today. Which is fascinating. Even if you think these cards can’t predict your future, the artwork itself is amazing and meant to be studied and admired. So, during the new and full moon, do a tarot reading to reflect on your past, present and future. There are quite a few forms of divination such as oracle cards, the pendulum, the ouija board (which we strongly advise against, by the way), the crystal ball, divination by bone throwing and many others. …

Meditate with the moon

The benefits of meditation are endless. You calm your mind while freeing your thought and you raise your consciousness to another level. The Moon offers us the opportunity to feel better, to learn from our mistakes in the past. In fact, meditation can help us harness the full moon’s magnifying effects for greater spiritual pursuits.

Cut your hair with the moon

Since ancient times, there has been a belief that cutting your hair with the moon makes it grow faster and stronger. So, find out the best dates according to the September lunar calendar to do it if you intend to do something special with your hair.

lunar calendar 2022

Lunar calendar September 2022 gardening to strengthen your harvests:

Start sowing. This is an excellent time to plant soilless crops that can be planted now, including leafy vegetables.

Clear rows of fences, woodlots and fields, but do not plant.

All soilless crops that can be planted now will give good results.

Bad days for planting. Kill plant pests.

Excellent for vine crops. The first day is a favorable day for planting soilless crops. The second day is a good day for transplanting and for planting root crops.

This is a very bad time to plant!

Good days for transplanting and for planting root crops.

Good days for harvest.

Plant seedlings and flower gardens. Good days for transplanting and for planting potatoes, carrots, onions, turnips, beets and other root crops.

Good days for the harvest. Eliminate plant pests.




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September lunar calendar: 5 magical activities to invite good luck into your life!

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