Perpignan – Marché Saint-Charles: soon 15 hectares of additional land dedicated to logistics and agri-food

The opening to marketing of the Mas Orline economic housing estate in Perpignan is eagerly awaited by players in the Perpignan market. The Métropole Perpignan Méditerranée is counting on this extension so that Saint-Charles International remains the leading platform for the marketing, transport and logistics of fruit and vegetables in Europe.

These 15 additional hectares are part of a more global development project called “Plan Saint-Charles 2040”. A long-term program to give a sustainable vision to players in the Saint-Charles International market. A major economic lung, it should be remembered. An economic space specializing in the transport and logistics of fruit and vegetables where 150 companies gravitate. The turnover of nearly 2 billion euros or the 2,200 direct employees reflect even better the stakes of this economy on the chessboard of local development. Everyone knows it, Saint-Charles is a big engine but it would be cramped today.

The Perpignan Méditerranée metropolis (PMM) has been working since 2014 to free up land and, by the way, the horizon of many companies looking for land to set up. In any case, this is the destination of this “new economic housing estate“, as explained by Laurent Gauze, vice-president for the economy and economic land at PMM.

“The competitiveness of the Saint-Charles market depends on the possibilities of development and the conditions for welcoming new companies. It is important to give this activity and the platform the means to remain a leader, by modernizing the tool to inspire companies in the sector to come and set up”.

And in this process, PMM failed to confirm the creation of a “new expansion pocket“on the side of Mas Orline. “These 15 hectares open to marketing from the 2nd quarter of 2023 will be allocated by a commission according to the projects and their suitability with the logistics and agri-food sectors. It is a development that meets many expectations. and it is very important that Saint-Charles grows”confides Laurent Gauze again.

“Mas Orline sacrificed on the altar of productivism”

On the Nupes Perpignan side, the project to open new land to companies in Saint-Charles is qualified as“anachronistic, disproportionate and productivist”according to the terms used in a press release signed by La France Insoumise / Nupes. “Mas Orline would be sacrificed on the altar of productivism, 28 hectares of vines and orchards must be transformed into sheds and parking lots”, reacts Francis Daspe. “This project shows, if need be, the lack of imagination and the blindness of local decision-makers. After decades of tourism monoculture, after decades of supermarket monoculture, the elected representatives of PMM are embarking on the new mirage of the monoculture of logistics, despite all respect for the territory and biodiversity, but also against all economic rationality.”

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Perpignan – Marché Saint-Charles: soon 15 hectares of additional land dedicated to logistics and agri-food

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