October will be hard for these 3 zodiac signs: nothing is going well.

Libra season begins on September 23 and ends on October 23. With the energy of Libra, the zodiac signs will begin a new balance and harmony in their lives. Nonetheless, a drastic change in their fortunes could be afoot due to the energy of this sign.

Which zodiac signs will have the hardest time in October?

The zodiac signs will experience some turmoil during this Libra season, where the planetary ruler is Venus. Fortunately, the sign of Capricorns will be the sign of happiness, so their energy will be positive, but the zodiac signs are ruled by Mars, so they could gain weight to have a healthy net in October. In love, they are ruled by Venus, so they can be open to reconciliation with others.


Cancerians are likely to struggle in October as they may have communication issues with Libra season. They will be overwhelmed by this energy of this Air sign and they will have to question everything. With the retrograde of Mercury in Libra until the beginning of October, the natives of Cancer will be increasingly slow at work and will not be as productive as usual.. They will have to learn to listen to their body and their deepest desires in order to take care of them. Cancerians can also turn to their intuition, which can help them find a new path during this month of October. They will also experience conflicts with certain members of their family and may cut ties with certain people. Mercury in Libra invites them to find balance in their relationships and aim for peace.


Virgos will feel major changes in their lives in October. They will experience abrupt and significant changes in what is happening in their personal relationships, which will lead to increasingly strong tensions as the month of October progresses. It seems that the romantic relationship will experience a break. Virgos might suffer and experience intense pain. However, Libras have experiences that encourage tranquility. Your universe seems to be in the mood to negotiate. Your pushes take for the exchange. The only concern is that you might get involved in conflicts. In divination, you are advised to avoid conflicts that will harm you.


Capricorns will experience some problems with their relationship and they will encounter some pitfalls. At work, they will also experience some difficulties. Disagreements and misunderstandings will occur and they will need to review their business networks frequently and carefully. As part of her process, Capricorn should let Libra season work its magic, and perhaps that applies to her love life as well. Control of their emotions and persistence are crucial to making the right decisions.

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October will be hard for these 3 zodiac signs: nothing is going well.

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