Modern witchcraft: 3 books to know everything about this trend

Rituals, incantations, spells… Modern witchcraft is in vogue, eyeing the side of personal development, feminist positivism and the relationship with nature. More and more people are turning to this more truly occult practice, whether to discover a new spiritual path, to connect with themselves, the surrounding world, or simply out of curiosity. Here are 3 books to immerse yourself in this universe.

“Hex, The Magic of Protection”


On the list of essential guides, there is in particular that of the American Shawn Engel, founder of the Witchy Wisdoms brand and which has nearly 50,000 subscribers on instagram. Baptized “Hex, the magic of protection”, this illustrated and accessible manual, equipped with a cardboard cover, returns to the practice of this type of magic throughout history, its ethical principles, and gives advice for connect to its energy, by presenting several tools such as amulets, potions, or even sigils (seal or magic symbol). Shawn Enge also shares several spells and rituals, some based on black salt, or even basil oil, to banish unwanted energies or set a protective intention. Throughout the book, the author also explains how to choose the right ingredients, analyze the behavior of the flame of a candle, and details the power of aromatic plants, from rose to sage, passing by cinnamon.

“Hex, The Magic of Protection,” Shawn Engel, ed. Trajectory, 20 euros.

“Treatise on the uses and knowledge of witches”


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Another recently published book to get to know everything about witchcraft: “Treatise on the uses and knowledge of witches”. This comprehensive book details the different energies (universe, nature, animals, etc.), explains how to make your own tools, purify them, or set up a ritual and cast spells. We also learn more about the language specific to witches and the places where magic is practiced. In addition to guiding the reader step by step in the exercise of this spiritual practice, this book makes it possible to become familiar with several divinatory arts. Among them, cartomancy, with the Tarot, the Futhark runes, small stones used to predict the future on which a special symbol appears, divinatory dowsing, where the art of mastering the pendulum and the wand, palmistry, a process divination based on the inspection of the hand, or even crystallomancy, using a crystal or a glass.

“Treatise on the uses and knowledge of witches”, collective work, Ed. Secret d’étoiles, 39 euros.

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“Witch please. Grimoire of the Modern Witch»



Finally, lovers of esotericism can bet on “Witch please. Grimoire of modern witchcraft”, by Jack Parker, whose real name is Taous Merakchi. Perfectly adapted to beginners, it covers the basics of magic. Not without a touch of humour, this initiation book gives keys, leads and ideas for finding the practice best suited to your personality. What witch are you? What is a spell? What are the sabbats, these nocturnal assemblies of witches? How to create a magic circle? These are all questions that this grimoire seeks to answer. Again, readers will discover several small spells to “make life more fun, regain power, and affect a whole lot of things”. In addition, this work of more than 200 pages is illustrated with talent by Lyonnais Maureen Wingrove, alias Diglee.

“Witch please. Grimoire of the modern Witch”, Jack Parker (Taous Merakchi), ed. Pygmalion, 24 euros.

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Modern witchcraft: 3 books to know everything about this trend

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