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On this Tuesday, it’s The machine that it was necessary to be for an evening under the sign of the fight. On the program, a poster rich in breakdowns that you definitely should not miss!

Departure with a bang

The public gradually takes possession of the premises when DYING WISH comes on stage. Straight from Portlandthe group is there to show what it has in the belly! Emma Boster leads the dance with a charisma and an energy to spare which do not fail to wake up the first moshers. High kicks, headbangs, two steps, without a single false note. Emma Boster is a talent that is good for the hardcore scene! The group secures its first date at Parisa great discovery on stage that will have to be followed closely.

No time to fool around, it’s time to find the Quebecers of GET THE SHOT ! The pit has filled up and is trying to fight it out. It must be said that the group was expected in the capital! From the first track, the public gives voice and has a field day when the singer Jean-Philippe Lagace calls for more internship dives. The latter does not hesitate to throw himself into the audience many times, completely abandoning his microphone on stage for a few minutes to take advantage of his walkabout. On the setlist side, we find “Divination Of Doom” and “Deathbound” from their latest album, Merciless Destruction which are a real treat live! But also older tracks like “Blackened Sun” and “Faith Reaper”. The singer takes a break to renew the group’s commitment against sexism, racism and homophobia by asking the public to proudly wave their middle fingers in the air. The set of just thirty minutes passes at a maddening speed as the atmosphere is electric and the breakdowns aggressive. The group leaves the stage promising to return in March 2023, the appointment is made!

Terror over Paris

The room is packed when TERROR hits the stage with “The 25th Hour”. If we thought the public at the maximum of its capacities, the latter instantly proves us the opposite. The tauliers of the genre come as real masters of the place return The Moulin Rouge Machine with a fresh new album under his arm.

If there is something that characterizes terror it is the unique communion that the group shares with its public. The singer Scott Vogel Benevolence and recognition transpire in the face of his fervor. Everywhere it hoarse during the sing alongs, the pit takes on a degree of intensity and the stage is invaded without respite. The stage dives are sometimes quite risky, the pit being very hectic, it is difficult to catch up with the incessant number of people throwing themselves from the stage. Scott Vogel take a moment to ask everyone to get closer to avoid an accident, well done!

Two new titles are played: “Can’t Help But Hate” and “Pain Into Power” from the album of the same name released this year, two future classics that fit perfectly with the rest of the band’s catalog. The setlist continues classic after classic: “Always The Hard Way”, “One With The Underdogs” without forgetting “Keepers Of The Faith” which closes the set of terror. The Californians once again deliver a tour de force that leaves us speechless. Do we put it back soon?


Last round of fighting with the headliner LIONHEART ! It takes a few titles to once again wake up the public who seem to have trouble chaining sets of such intensity. The group made efforts on the scenography side. We find strewn on the stage four barrels on which we can read “LHHC” for Lionheart Hardcore. From these, jets of CO2 spring from time to time, enough to enhance a performance which, without being bad, is not as impactful as that of terror. Without comparing, the difference in energy between the two formations is quite obvious. We join the public on the side there, it will take a few songs to get us back into the swing of things.

As the pit gets going again, stage side, it’s crash beating in order and big breakdowns. The band plays their latest single titled “LIVE BY THE GUN” as well as “DEATH COMES IN 3’S”, also released earlier this month. The banter on stage is provided by the singer Rob Watson and the bassist Richard Mathews nicknamed “big boy“. This one asks everything “its big boys” in the assembly to remove their T-shirts with him in order to make them turn above their heads. Lionheart we even have the pleasure of chaining “Hail Mary” and “LIVE BY THE GUN”, a little slap that delights!

Rob Watson takes a moment to introduce each member of the group. Then, the Californians leave the stage on their 2014 classic (already?) “LHHC”. The room resumes at the top of the chorus which has not aged a bit and remains extremely effective. Despite a somewhat complicated start, the group was able to take things in hand and close an evening that will surely leave bruises.

A nugget poster for hardcore fans who knew how to highlight four different and yet complementary groups. We come out full and sweaty, but after all that is the charm of the genre!

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LIONHEART @ La Machine Du Moulin Rouge (10/11/22) – Reports – RockUrLife – webzine rock, alternative, indie, french scene

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