[Lèche-vitrine] Mintaka & Co: a witch’s lair in the heart of Toulouse

A bewitching place, named Mintaka & Co, opened its doors at the beginning of the year on Place Occitane in Toulouse. The café-boutique offers potion tastings, manipulation of pendulums and consultation of oracles.

Aurélie Perez is the owner of Mintaka & Co, open since January, Place Occitane in Toulouse © Mintaka & Co

No cauldrons, no brooms collecting dust at the bottom of a cave. Even though this café-boutique is dedicated to “witch practices”, Mintaka & Co is a luminous sign, refined and decorated in a cozy style so that customers feel “at home”, explains Aurélie Perez, owner of the establishment.

A scent of enchantment floats aroundonce in the air. Open since January on Place Occitane in Toulouse, the place is indeed dedicated to self-knowledgespirituality andesotericism (divination, astrology, magic, witchcraft…). “I wanted to create a living and meeting space in which customers can relax and discuss topics related to personal development. In other words, a place of sharing that I would have liked to frequent when I started to take an interest in these subjects six years ago”, continues the manager.

Introductory workshops tarot cardspendulums, stones…

Mintaka & Co, whose name is inspired by a star in the constellation of Orion, frequently organizes related events to well-being as well asto the different spiritual and esoteric practices. “For example, I offer card-drawing sessions (tarots and oracles), but also initiations to meditation, potteryrelaxation, astrology, manipulation of pendulums, the knowledge stones and crystals”, list Aurélie Perez. The manager even identifies with ae witch. Because these women are, for her, “feminist archetypes. Beings in search of freedom who take power over their lives, then who possess knowledge around plants, treatments…”.

Moreover, the coffee-shop offers for sale all kinds of objects related to witchcraftie : cards, stones, candles, clocks, incense, etc. Jewelry, posters and books related to personal developmentThey are also exhibited on the display installed at the back of the dining room.

Magic potions and banana bread

On the coffee side, Aurélie Perez offers a “vegetarian menue and without fuss around the good seasonal products and of regional “. It is for example possible to cool off with one of the “potions” concocted with fruit juices and herbal infusions, or with “kombucha” (fermented sparkling drinks) with rose, hibiscus, mango Where with goji. The whole, prproduced in France. Like the almond, basil, pear, speculoos or even verbena syrups produced in the Paris region.

Mintaka & Co Toulouse
Mintaka & Co offers cold drinks in the form of “magic potions” © Camille Chrétien – Quatre heures dix

In case of a little peck, you have to let yourself be tempted by a matcha-raspberry financierand homemade. For the greediest, Aurélie Perez also cooks chocolate fondant and vegan banana breads, but also cookies made according to the inspiration of the moment. One Sunday a month, Mintaka & co serves a brunch consisting of a savory vegan plate, a pastry, a hot drink and a cold drink.

Wide selection of organic teas and herbal teas

The most of the sign? His range of natural herbal teas with evocative names which have all been selected for their natural benefits. “The new moon”, for example, is an excellent remedy for relieving menstrual pain. Others are recommended for digestion problems, skin care, or simply, a vitality cure. Similarly, all teas have names evoking witchcraft. Ordering the “Salem herbal tea” will allow you to know a little more about the tragic episode which saw the conviction of a hundred people accused of having made a pact with the devil in the small town of Salem, in Massachusetts. . An original way to discover or deepen your knowledges on the bewitching world of spirituality.

Practical information : Mintaka & Co, 11 place Occitane, Toulouse. Open Wednesday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., then weekends from 11 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.

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[Lèche-vitrine] Mintaka & Co: a witch’s lair in the heart of Toulouse

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