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– Posted on June 11, 2022 at 1:11 p.m.

The return of Hunter x Hunter should be done soon. But there is one important detail that can be difficult to understand in the story: Nen. So what exactly is Nen?

Very recently, fans of Hunter x Hunter experienced real euphoria. The manga, on hiatus since 2018, should be back very soon! And Togashi, author of the title, seems to take great pleasure in prolonging the wait by regularly posting update tweets. However, there is a detail of the history of Hunter x Hunter, or rather a technique, that it can be difficult to understand in its entirety. It’s about No.

In Togashi’s manga, the no is presented as a technique for manipulating one’s aura, the vital energy produced by every living being. This manipulation makes it possible to deploy various attacks whose power varies according to the level of the user. The rules relating to the use of no are particularly complex, making the subject obscure for some. The time has therefore come to raise what precisely is the no.

What exactly is Nen?

All along Hunter x Hunterwe are told that the aura constantly escapes from the body through aura nodes, causing a slow energy drain. Nen users, with practice, are able to open and close their aura nodes at will. By doing so, they can not only block the loss of energy, but also control it and modify its flow. In order to reach this level of proficiency, Nen users must first master the Four Great Principles :

  • The Tenwhich maintains the aura around the body,
  • The Zetsuwhich completely blocks the flow of aura,
  • Renwhich increases the flow of aura,
  • The Hatsu, which is the release or transmission of aura. It is in particular the latter that allows each Nen user to have his own special technique.

Once the Four Great Principles mastered, these can be combined to create advanced techniques, such as shaping a user’s aura or concentrating their entire aura into a single point to create a devastating attack. It is these combinations that have allowed the creation of the most dangerous techniques of Hunter x Hunter. In the case of Hatsuthe effects are determined by the user’s aura type, which is further divided into six types:

  • the Reinforcement (user or object reinforcement)
  • The Transformation (changing the aura to another element)
  • The Materialization (build creation with aura)
  • L’Emission (separation of the aura from the user’s body)
  • The Handling (control of things or beings)
  • The Specialization (unique effects that are unrelated to other types)

Specialists are reputed to be among the most powerful Nen users in Hunter x Hunter. For example, Gon Freecs has an aura of type reinforcement. Specialized in close combat, this allows him to strengthen his attacks or create a shield. For his part, Killua has an aura of type transformation and he can turn it into electricity. The simplest and most effective way to determine one’s other type is called the water divination. The test consists of facing a glass filled with water in which a leaf floats. The Nen user will then have to concentrate and emit Nen towards the glass and monitor the effects this will have.

What really sets Nen apart from other energy-based systems found in manga is that auras convey the desires and emotions of the users. This factor allows Nen users to have impressive versatility. As Nen is an expression of willpower, self-imposed conditions can increase the potency of abilities.

Nevertheless, Nen is much more complex than what we have explained to you here. Indeed, the author of the series, Yoshihiro Togashi, has a real talent for developing complex systems. He is also renowned for enjoying challenging his characters and placing them in desperate situations, or almost. Thanks to the unique characteristics of Nen, battles in Hunter x Hunter always involve much more than just a physical confrontation. These clashes become tests of the mind and therefore ask the fighters to discover the limits of the adversary in order to be able to hope to beat him. With the upcoming return of the serialization of Hunter x Hunterit’s going to be important to get back to the level, whether it’s about the story or about the details of it.

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Hunter x Hunter: What exactly is Nen? – melty

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