How to talk to the White Lady in Martha is Dead

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Talking to the White Lady is a very central quest of the main storyline. However, there are quite a few things you need to do and have at your fingertips to get it right. So be sure to check here and be sure you’re ready to come face to face with a ghost.

Tarot cards and scissors

First you need to find the tarot cards that are mentioned when you listen to the phone call between the priest and Guilia’s mother, Irene. You can find the tarot cards in Irene and Erich’s room. Once you have them, you can use them for day-to-day divination, but you can also save them to use for the White Lady.

Similarly, you’ll have the option to pick up Fabric Scissors from Irene’s Sewing Station in the basement. Take these, as you’ll be using them for a few quests, including meeting the White Lady.

Infrared photos and fog conditions

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Taking infrared photos of the White Lady’s Lover on a foggy morning will be a major requirement to speak with her, so make sure you have all the supplies ready for it. You will need the special infrared lens, which can be found in the darkroom or in the office. You will also need the tripod that is in the cellar.

On a foggy morning, you’ll find different graves in the woods, take pictures of them, and develop them. Once you and Guilia determine which grave is the lover’s, you can return and retrieve a necklace left at the grave. You are now ready to descend to the lake.

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Question of time and boats

Waiting for the foggy morning is essential, so don’t try to force this quest early. You will receive information from Nanny in the morning when she calls and Guilia talks to her. It’s about two days after that you can do the quest. The morning fog will be very evident and Guilia will notice it.

Depending on whether or not you’ve done the side quest for resistance, you may already have experience using boats. On the misty morning, you will head to the lake after collecting the lover’s necklace and collecting the clothes left in the bushes. Get on the boat near the dock and drive the boat to the small island on the other side of the lake. You’ll know if you parked correctly because it will trigger a cutscene.

Final guided trip

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Once on the island, you will need to perform several actions. You will have to cut a lock of your hair, lay out the clothes, put on the necklace and place the tarot cards. Luckily, it’s not stressful at all because the actions from there are very guided. You can refer to the journal or the journal quest page if you think you are missing a step.

Once all these steps have been completed, you can now meet the White Lady.

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How to talk to the White Lady in Martha is Dead

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