How to complete Burning Shame in Destiny 2

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Bungie gets creative with its weekly challenges during Haunted Season in Destiny 2. Week 4 introduced a new challenge, Burning Shame, which requires Guardians to complete “Sever – Shame” using only a Sun subclass and solar, kinetic or static weapons. . Shame is the first mission in Weekly Stories and should be available to all players with the Seasonal Artifact. With that said, let’s look at the optimal loadout for this challenge.

Best loadout for Burning Shame

Guardians are free to mix and match anything in the following listings. These focus heavily on Sun weapons and keep the kinetics afterthought. Just find a basic weapon that works for you and build around that.

Kinetic location

  • Firefright – Legendary Auto Rifle
  • Tears of Contrition – Legendary Scout Rifle
  • Legacy – Legendary Shotgun

energy slot

  • Sunshot – (Exotic) Hand Cannon (Solar)
  • Prometheus Lens – (Exotic) Fusion Rifle (Solar)
  • Ticuu’s Divination – Arc (Exotic) (Solar)
  • Jotunn – (Exotic) Fusion Rifle (Solar)
  • Trustee – Legendary Scout Rifle (Solar)
  • Without Remorse – Legendary Shotgun (Solar)
  • Duality – (Exotic) Shotgun (Solar)

Power slot

  • Sleeper Simulant – (Exotic) (Solar)
  • Gjallarhorn – Rocket Launcher (Exotic) (Solar)
  • Fixed Odds – Machine Gun (Solar)

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This one is obvious but bears repeating because of its importance. Guardians must run a Solar subclass to complete this challenge. It can be any variation of Solar but must be Solar.

Sever – Shame Walkthrough

  • After loading, go forward and take the first left down the hallway
  • At the end of the hall, look up and to the right. There will be a blue energy cylinder to shoot.
  • Shooting the cylinder opens the door on the left. Enter and place the first Ritual Amplifier.
  • Turn around and return to your path and turn left when the hallway reaches a dead end
  • The faulty door will open and reveal another blue cylinder to shoot.
  • Shoot the cylinder. Turn around and the red tub will now be open. Proceed inside.
  • Follow the minimap indicator to navigate the tubes. Once out, shoot the Egregore Spore and go into the next room. Kill the entire Cabal here.
  • Talk to Crow and Uldren’s Nightmare
  • Head left and go through the door. Activate manual control.
  • Turn around and walk down the hall. Turn right before the end of the corridor. There will be a blue cylinder to shoot on the left wall.
  • Shoot the blue cylinder, turn left and shoot the Spore Egregore. Then return to Crow and take the first right.
  • Shoot the canister and crouch in the hallway
  • Set the second Ritual Amplifier
  • Follow the minimap indicator and activate the first manual override
  • Avoid the unkillable Cabal and use the minimap to locate the other three manual overrides.
  • A manual control will be behind an electric wall. Take the key from the narrow hallway on the other side of the main room and take it to the generator under the electrical wall. This will disable it and give access to manual control.
  • After releasing containment, kill the Scorn in the next room
  • Go through the next open door and shoot the blue cylinder on the left wall
  • Turn left and go through the newly opened door on the same wall
  • Place the rally banner and start the ritual with Crow

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How to complete Burning Shame in Destiny 2

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