How to choose your first divinatory oracle?

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You want to learn the art of the divinatory oracle, but you don’t know how to go about it? Discover our tips in this article!

The divinatory oracle, what is it?

The oracle is a very old divinatory art since it appears in Greek Antiquity. The best known is the Oracle of Delphi, which provides an answer to a question. Today, the oracle is an intermediary between a human being and a god who makes it possible to give precise answers on the future thanks to the cards. These are called oracles. We then speak of cartomancy. Among the most famous oracles are:

  • the oracle of Belline,
  • the oracle of Ge,
  • the Lenormand oracle.

Conversely, when we use a tarot, such as the Marseille, Grimaud or Rider-Waite-Smith tarot, we speak of taromancy. Depending on the type of card, the interpretation may vary. A good knowledge of oracle and tarot cards is essential to master this divination based on personal development.

Our tips for successful card draws

To begin cartomancy, it is strongly advised to buy the booklet that accompanies the oracle or the tarot you have chosen. This book gives a concrete explanation on each card for each area such as love, personal life, work or health for example. Initially, train with a draw of 3 cards (past, present and future), this simplified method will be useful for you to learn the main cards. Keep in mind that you need practice, so you have to be patient. Cartomancy relies on intuition, so be focused and regularly consult the book to understand the cards. To help you, you can find out how clairvoyance professionals make their online video draw.

Where to buy an oracle or a tarot?

Whether in a physical store or an online store, there are many sellers of oracles and tarot cards. On the internet, sites have specialized in the divinatory arts. Depending on the different card games, the price can vary between fifteen and thirty euros.

The Lenormand Oracle

The Lenormand oracle is an old French oracle dating from the 19th century. It takes its name from Marie-Anne Lenormand, a necromancer and fortune-teller. This oracle is perfectly suited to beginners since it is sold in a box with a booklet containing explanations of the illustrations, the predictions that may result from them as well as their interpretation. The cards are particularly aesthetic with a quote. The Lenormand oracle is the recommended card game to learn this divination easily, unlike tarot cards which are more complex.

Belline’s oracle

The Belline oracle is suitable for a beginner who wants to learn about this form of clairvoyance. The interpretations of the cards are easy to understand thanks to a faithful interpretation of their illustration.

The Oracle of Ge

The oracle of Gé is similar to the oracle of Belline so that it is advised for a beginner. It stands out because a single card allows you to obtain a lot of information without having to make a combination. It can be used in addition to a tarot.

The Tarot of Marseilles

The Tarot de Marseille is probably the most famous tarot deck. Very precise in terms of its predictions, it is suitable for beginners, because it allows for a relatively simple interpretation. Its plus? It is possible to use only the major arcana. The mysteries designate the illustrations that appear on the cards. They give a spiritual and self-oriented interpretation unlike the minor mysteries which give an interpretation on a precise daily situation.

The Rider-Waite Tarot

Like the Marseille tarot, the Rider-Waite tarot is ideal for beginners. The interpretation of the maps is accessible, because its illustrations are concrete and precise. It is possible to make a draw with both types of mysteries in order to learn the different possible predictions.

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How to choose your first divinatory oracle?

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