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The Fantastic Beasts films, including the recent Secrets of Dumbledore, have come under heavy criticism from audiences, who feel the story and characters have strayed from the charms that made the Harry Potter series so popular. . While every spin-off from a major franchise is likely to receive harsh reviews from die-hard fans, many complaints come from those who still enjoy the series but find it lacking in some way. other.

This same kind of fair criticism has also been leveled at the Harry Potter series, where the plots and characters have occasionally rubbed audiences the wrong way. For example, Hermione was an essential part of Harry’s story, but between her closed-minded nature and her relentless criticism of others, she was far from perfect in the eyes of some Redditors.

Hermione is closed minded

Editor TayLou33 said they “love Hermione” but she “isn’t perfect like a lot of people claim”. One example they pointed to was Hermione’s closed-mindedness. She often feels like her perspective of reality is the only way, and is confused by the seemingly irrational opinions of others.

This is especially prevalent in her relationship with Luna Lovegood, whose quotes in Harry Potter prove her to be the epitome of open-mindedness. While many of Luna’s beliefs are, in fact, wrong, she doesn’t mind being wrong. She values ​​belief and cognitive exploration, which repeatedly frustrates Hermione throughout the series.

Hermione sometimes lacks imagination

Hermione is considered the smartest witch of her year. She excels in the majority of her classes, where her ability to remember text serves her well. However, Redditor Napalmeon noted that in “disciplines that require creativity and imagination,” Hermione misses the mark.

This is seen in Divination, where the ace student wouldn’t even make an effort. Hermione was right that Professor Trelawney was a fraud (most of the time), but the Harry Potter series has proven the topic itself to be legit. However, Hermione didn’t have the imagination for that, so she didn’t give Divination any respect.

Hermione’s intelligence is limited to memorization

Hermione’s greatest talent is her ability to repeat everything she reads or hears. This skill, combined with her love of reading, has filled her brain with useful knowledge that she can repeat to her teachers to receive top marks.

However, Redditor Blinddivine found that this can sometimes limit his intelligence. “It’s something that Snape also comments on,” they said, referring to Snape’s decision in Half-Blood Prince to lecture Hermione on how intelligence is limited when reduced. memorization only. It was a hurtful comment to Hermione but it rang true.

Hermione has several parallels with Tom Riddle

Hermione’s rejection of certain types of magic may seem harmless, but Redditor Observa found that it made her similar to the Dark Lord himself. “There are a lot more parallels between Hermione and Tom Riddle when you read the books,” they said, indicating Voldemort’s rejection of powers he thought were insignificant.

Voldemort is a prime example of how this limiting thought can harm someone since the power of love proves to be the villain’s downfall. To make matters worse, Hermione never seemed to recognize this parallel and learn from the dark wizard’s mistakes.

Hermione is a judge

Another way Hermione’s intelligence could be her downfall is that she often assumed her quick judgment of people or situations was correct. Redditor Not_a_cat_I_promise identified this as a “presumption”, which often caused problems with his friends.

Despite Hermione’s respect for Harry’s skills and intelligence, she often lectures him on his decisions. In Half-Blood Prince, she immediately dismissed Harry’s suspicions about Malfoy, going so far as to mock his opinion. This continued in Deathly Hallows, where his open disregard for his sentiment surrounding the Hallows left Harry feeling isolated and disrespected.

Hermione rarely faces consequences

When Harry and Ron make a mistake, they always know Hermione will be there to tell them she told them. However, Redditor Mocochang noted that when Hermione makes a mistake, “the blame is always partially placed on Harry and Ron”, proving that sometimes Hermione was a bad friend in Harry Potter.

This is especially seen at the end of Half-Blood Prince when after an entire school year of telling Harry he was raving about Snape and Malfoy’s schemes, she is wrong. Instead of apologizing, Hermione points out that she was right about the evil nature of the Half-Blood Prince – no consequences, only reprimand.

Hermione can be a hypocrite

Despite Hermione’s insistence that Harry and Ron follow the rules, she never seems to follow them herself. This hypocrisy is found in the Harry Potter books and movies, and Harry even notices it in Order of the Phoenix.

When Harry stood up to Umbridge during their first DADA lesson with the teacher, Hermione chided him for not keeping his cool. Yet, as Redditor Rivers_Ford pointed out, the entire conflict with Umbridge stemmed “from Hermione’s refusal to start the lesson” by asking questions undermining the teacher’s authority. “And then she has the nerve to call Harry?” this Redditor said, “It kills me. »

Hermione is relentless

Time and time again throughout Harry Potter, the characters remark that they couldn’t have gotten anywhere without Hermione. She was their moral and intellectual compass. The problem was that she often didn’t know when it was time to back off.

In Half-Blood Prince, Hermione was sure that the notes added to the potions book used by Harry were dangerous. But Harry didn’t want to hear it. Then when he used Sectum Sempra on Malfoy, she kept telling him she was right. “She just wouldn’t give up! said Redditor TayLou33, pointing out that it took Ginny yelling at him to “let him rest” before Hermione finally let him down.

Hermione has selective empathy

As a Muggle-born witch, Hermione had a soft spot for those in the wizarding world who were often discriminated against. This led her to start her SPEW movement, and die-hard fans know that after the Harry Potter series ended, Hermione became Minster for Magic and fought for the rights of those who had always been oppressed.

Still, one Reddit user couldn’t help but think that Hermione’s compassion had its limits. “She kept Rita [Skeeter] in a jar,” they said, referencing the end of Goblet of Fire when Hermione tricked and blackmailed the Animagus reporter. Nobody liked Skeeter very much, so it wasn’t considered a problem, but Hermione’s cruelty was alarming.

Hermione can be downright rude

When Harry and Ron first met Hermione, they couldn’t stand her. She had introduced herself by mocking their attempts to do magic and showing them that she could do spells better. She was such a know-it-all that they hated being around her, but their adventures eventually brought them together as friends.

As she grew older, Hermione’s obnoxious traits were toned down, but as Who-dat-ninja explained, she was still rude to characters like Fred and George, who demonstrated a type of intelligence different from his. “She made fun of Luna,” this Redditor said, “which still bothers me. »

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Harry Potter: 10 valid reviews of Hermione, according to Reddit | Pretty Reel

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