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This is The Castagné Estate which this year hosts the TarotFestival from Auch (from September 23 to 25), in four vast rooms, where conferences and workshops will take place, as well as The Fantastic Market, with exhibitors and creators, who all highlight the universe of the Tarot. Does it amuse you? Know that in recent years, the tarot, “psychological” oa “divinatory” is more and more fashionable in events and… companies!

After taking his first steps in Saint-Martin-de-Goynethe TarotFestival remains faithful to the Gers, but settles in Auch. And make an appointment with all those who are interested, as passionate followers or simply curiousto this card game that has become as popular for leisure as for its divinatory use!

The “Major Arcana” Photo valentin_mtnezc from Pixabay

Popular with businesses and events people

Companies choose to organize tarot sessions rather than survival courses or introductions to sushi design. As the tarologist says Delphine at the site Les Echos – Startshe was requested to lead team building (team building in French) “with employees of a start-up, a large energy company and a communication company” (read the item). And it is the latest chic to offer draws during after of events people

Fabienne Larnicolentrepreneur converted to the Tarot and her friend Judith Cousinalso passionate about tarot, are at the origin of the TarotFestival in the Gers. They defend the Tarot “psychological” who does not predict the future but is “an analysis tool, which does not require a gift, but an apprenticeship.”

1666659744 179 Gers Unusual Tarot de Marseille an a la carte
AJ Dirtystein deploys his talents in Touluse, at the Galerie La Papesse… Photo DR

AJ Dirtystein, Emmanuelle Iger, Alice Jolin and many more

Among the speakers in Auchnote the presence ofAJ Dirtystein, neighbor of the festival and passionate creator. She will present the Incarnation Tarot and talk about his creative journey. This ritualistic artist and tarologistfounder of the The High Priestess Gallery in Toulouse, a place where she “develops his own psychocorporal therapy: the tattoo-ritual, after consulting Tarot and Hebrew letters.” She also gives private lessons there, as well as workshops and courses in tarology.

The godmother of the festival, Emmanuelle Iger will also be present. She is the author of books Read the Tarot with the Rider-Waite and My Tarot notebook. This year it will present all its creations and novelties related to the Tarot. She will also give two conferences, including Become a Tarologist in association with Fabienne Larnicol and The psychological tarot at the opening of the festival. See his website:

Energy therapist and trainer in Reiki and Rebozo treatments, based in the Gers (where She offers workshops and coursesas well as in Lot-et-Garonne), Alice Jolin will also be present in Auch, “Passionate about cards of all kinds”, she uses the Tarot of Marseilles (Jodorowsky and Camoin) as a basis for consultation work (individual and couple).

No need to draw the cards to be assured of the success of this Auscitain event! (Auch in Gasconyofficial site)

Know everything about the festival:

Philippe MORET

Invented at the dawn of the Renaissance (around 1430 in Italy) the tarot deck has 56 cards (minor arcana) divided into four suits (cups, deniers sticks, swords) to which are added 22 other cards (major arcana) decorated with allegorical images.

Notice to collectors!

1666659744 116 Gers Unusual Tarot de Marseille an a la carte
The Tarot of Sète by Julien Labat

The representations of tarot games have multiplied for several years, feeding the imagination of many artists. It’s up to everyone to go in search of their emblematic game. Specialized sites exist of course, but the Fnac Where Culture also offer a large number of them…

comic book writers have naturally been called upon many times. We can thus find the tarot of Corto Maltese by Hugo Pratt, the tarot ofAsterixor a multitude of interpretation around Harry Potter. But also tarot cards illustrated with images by Gustave Doré, Frida Kahlo, Alphonse Mucha…

And to stay in Occitania, let’s not forget the Tarot of Setemade by the artist Julien Labat : Another Sète artist, Herve Di Rosa has also produced a game (printed in 1000 copies, 100 of which are numbered and signed) of the 22 major arcana, which has become a collector particularly wanted…

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Gers / Unusual: Tarot de Marseille, an à la carte phenomenon – Tell them!

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