GAME – “Le Mag’ des Jeux Vidéo” plays Santa Claus on France Bleu!

Since the beggining of the school year, every Saturday at 3 p.m., you can find Cédric Ruiz and his Video Games Mag’ on France Bleu with the help of France Bleu Mayenne! On the program: everything you need to know about gaming, a passion that regularly brings together more than 70% of French people ! And of course gifts that haven’t stopped raining since the start of the season to be won, especially via social networks and the #JVBleu!

France Blue Logo

Well these gifts, Cédric and the whole France Bleu team have put some aside for garnish the base of the tree a little more and treat yourself or your loved ones.

Of December 19 to January 2each day, one of you can win:

  • PICO 4 Virtual Reality Headset
  • XBox Cameo console controller
  • Video projector
  • State-of-the-art smartphones
  • Connected watch
  • Voice assistants
  • Video games (Gotham Knights, Life is Strange, World of Warcraft Dragonflight,…)
  • and many others…

There’s something for everyone !

Lego is committed… and so are we!

Also to win: Lego boxes ! Double gift, by offering you these boxes, France Bleu invites you to join the great operation of the brick brand: “Build to give”“build to give” in French.

The idea is simple: until December 31, let your creativity express itself by building, in Lego, a gift and post it on social networks with the #BuildToGive. The Lego group will transform your virtual gift into a real gift for another child, somewhere in the world, with little or no access to the game. Since the launch of the operation in 2016, more than 4.5 million Lego products which have been offered around the world.

Same Katy Perry lent itself to the game:

So, if you win a Lego box with France Bleu, we’re counting on you! Among these boxes: The bird of paradise
from the Icons range, the Harry Potter Divination Course
or even a amazing portrait of Elvis

Discover the Asmodée games!

And to complete your Santa Claus host, Asmodee France joins our operation to offer you board games. There is something for every taste !

Passionate about the universe Harry Potterwhether you are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin, proudly wear the colors of your House in the game “Harry Potter Stupefix

Harry Potter Stupéfix, an Asmodeus game to win on France Bleu!


Do you dream of being an inventor, architect, explorer? “7 Wonders Architects
” is made for you! Your objective is as simple as it is grandiose: to build a Wonder so important, so imposing, that it will mark the history of humanity.

Do you have a romantic soul? It is “Love letter
you need. In this fast-paced card game, which mixes risk-taking and deduction, you compete with other suitors to have your missives delivered to the Princess!

Love Letter, an Asmodée game to be won by listening to France Bleu!


These three Asmodée games, and many others, including “Stella – Dixit universe
, or “mystery
“are up for grabs with France Bleu.

How to play ?

Listen carefully to your France Bleu and play our great game “Le Mag des Jeux Vidéo”! A winner every day. And if you don’t win, your name stays on the list until January 2!

Good luck to all and happy holidays with France Bleu!

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GAME – “Le Mag’ des Jeux Vidéo” plays Santa Claus on France Bleu!

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