Full moon April 2022: what rituals to do to heal and prosper under the sign of Libra?

Self-care is a mandatory activity. We tend to be harsh with ourselves. Sometimes we don’t take care of our body and our mental health and we live to please others. We say “later” or we focus so much on the satisfaction of others that our needs are no longer a priority… And it’s sad. From time to time, we simply need to forget the outside world and take care of ourselves… With love, tenderness and forgiveness. If you wanted to do it, but couldn’t find the time or motivation, why not now? This Saturday, the April 2022 full moon will emerge and bathe the Earth in its silvery rays. The DeaVita team loves self-care rituals and wants to share with you how you can pamper your body and mind and feel great.

Full moon April 2022: what to do to improve your life?

The graceful, tender and loving side of the pink moon will influence us in a very positive way this month. You might be wondering why it is called that. Well, actually, it’s because the wildflowers start to bloom around this time of year. It is actually very important. Every year its rising influences the Christian calendar and this is how we get the date of Easter! All you need to know is that this is a time for positive changes in relationships and personal projects. And it’s a great way to start this wonderful transition with some magical self-care rituals. You don’t even have to believe in magic. You will feel so much better and you will be more relaxed and optimistic about life and all of its endeavors. So, without further ado, let’s connect to the ethereal universe of self-love, influenced by the gentle embrace of his grace.

full pink moon benefits

If you need a bit of courage and positive affirmations, then taking advantage of the full moon can have its benefits. Have you ever heard of “moon water”? It is the easiest and most wonderful ritual you can do. It’s crazy that such a small activity can change the state of mind so much. Besides, it’s quite simple. All you need is a sheet of paper and a pen, an empty bottle and some water. Write down all the positive changes you expect in your life and want to achieve. Fill the bottle with water and close it. Then lay it on the patio or window with the folded sheet of paper underneath. The silver rays will charge the water with their power. The next day, drink it and put your paper in a safe place where no one can see it.

Practice different forms of divination

astrology tarot card

Tarot cards are the best known form of divination. Even if you don’t believe it, just studying their design, symbolism and meaning is fascinating. The tarot was born in the 15th century in Italy and has evolved a lot since then. It’s a great way to see yourself through another person’s eyes and find solutions to your problems. In fact, the tarot has specific draws based on the phases of the moon. If you have a burning question you want answered, know that during the night the energies are at their peak. So why not have a little tarot session where you can ask for anything and study the beauty of the draw in detail?

isabelle stag oracle cards

Or, if you prefer, you can use oracle cards. Most of the time, they are softer with their meaning.

divinatory pendulum

Or maybe learn the art of the pendulum? This one is pretty interesting to be honest. Your micro-movements and your subconscious are the driving force behind this curious activity. So if you are unsure of something, ask the pendulum and find the answer within yourself.

Full Moon April 2022: Relaxing Meditation

full moon pink ritual

Relaxation and the complete and total emptying of one’s responsibilities are the priority here. What better way to do this than to try meditation? Or, probably, doing yoga? Both have many benefits for our psyche and can help us deal with stress and anxiety! Put on light background music and focus on your breathing as you close your eyes. There are various guided meditations on YouTube that will help you focus and feel better. Here is an example to start meditation gently:

Good luck !

magic herbal tea

magic herbal tea for weight loss

Do you want to connect to your feminine side and feel the divine energy within you? Well, with this sacred moon tea, you will feel and look better! Due to its components that only benefit your beauty routine and help cure gastritis, this tea is said to be magical. It is very easy to prepare and wonderfully delicious to drink! Here is what you will need:

  • A little dried lavender
  • rose petals
  • Mint
  • Thistle
  • 2-3 cloves
  • Lemon
  • Honey
  • A little chopped ginger

Boil the water with the ingredients. Just add the lemon and honey when it’s almost done!

Photo Gallery: Full Moon April 2022

full moon april 2022


What are you going to do during the full moon April 2022?

full moon april 2022 astrology

This is the perfect time for positive personal and professional changes!

love ritual on a full moon night

Try to find a new hobby during the pink full moon of April 2022!

divinatory tarot cards

Getting to know herbs and their properties is a great way to de-stress.

full moon love ritual

Or charge crystals overnight…

full moon abundance ritual

Or why not do it all one after the other?

full moon tarot

Take a soothing bath with candles and herbs to completely relax.

full moon bath ritual

Or simply contemplate the ethereal beauty of the moon.

pink full moon april 2022 meaning

The full moon April 2022 will be visible around 8:55 p.m.

full moon april 2022 spirituality

Connect to the ether and change your mindset for the better.

full moon april 2022 time

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Full moon April 2022: what rituals to do to heal and prosper under the sign of Libra?

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