Fraud: a manufacturer of magic leaf doors arrested by the police

The National Police in its sovereign mission to protect people and their property has just put an end to the fraudulent activities of an alleged offender claiming to have powers of divination and who can make magic wallets. We offer ourselves the entire statement produced by the institution to present the facts.


Genesis of the facts

Following complaints and denunciations against the named KB for acts of fraud on 1er April 2022. According to the statement of the victims, KB passed for a diviner whose occult world no longer holds any secrets for him. This saying having the power to multiply banknotes and to provide magic wallets which could offer one hundred thousand (100,000 FCFA) francs per day to the victims.

Without stopping, an investigation was opened after a report made to the hierarchy and the prosecutor of Faso.


On the evening of 1er April 2022, the research brigade of the Tanghin-Dassouri District Police Station, in view of the information collected, proceeded to arrest the alleged perpetrator of the fraud. This is the named KB, 35 years old, commercial employee and domiciled in Kokologho evolving as a traditional healer in the Kolog-Naba district of Tanghin-Dassouri. A search carried out in his home revealed several fetishes, cans containing decoctions of unknown nature. Also, talismans have been found. There is also a lot of equipment falling within the framework of the supposed multiplication of money, a leather wallet called “magic bedou” and a Yamaha Sirius brand moped registered 1982 9N 03 in the name of ZERBO Ousséni which he claims to have bought in a cycle market in Ouagadougou. The continuation of the investigation could determine the legitimate owner of the machine.

Operating mode

The alleged crook passes for an insider of the divinatory art and traditional practitioner. He goes out, from Kokologho to Tanghin-Dassouri in search of new customers in order to make more money. He passes through public places such as places of worship, kiosks and drinking establishments, discreetly approaches his victims and offers them so-called magic wallets which offer one hundred thousand (100,000 FCFA) francs per day. Its target audience is young people and women. After presenting his services to the victims, he then sets the conditions: a sum of fifty thousand (50,000 FCFA) francs for the purchase of various components used in the preparation of the portfolio, and another sum of fifty thousand (50,000 FCFA ) francs for his care. The whole amounting to one hundred thousand (100,000) without counting other costs that he subtly collects from his clients. To convince the victim, he gives her a wallet tied in a scarf and instructs her to bury it in a newly made grave and the result would be the discovery of a large sum of money in the said wallet within three (03 ) days. In this case, he still proposes to go himself to place the talisman at the indicated place but still for a sum of twelve thousand five hundred (12,500 FCFA) francs. What the victim agrees to hand over to him, naturally out of fear of this difficult exercise.

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Advice to the public

The magic wallet scam phenomenon continues to claim victims. Thus, we invite people to be vigilant and to denounce all suspected cases of fraud and other practices reprehensible by law. We also invite them to increase the level of collaboration with the security services.

This is the place for us to convey our gratitude to all those who work tirelessly alongside the Defense and Security Forces to combat crime in all its forms and we remind you of the toll-free numbers 17, 16 and 1010.

Written by Vincent de Paul SANOU

Police Commissioner

Tanghin-Dassouri District Police Commissioner

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Fraud: a manufacturer of magic leaf doors arrested by the police

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