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At the start of 2022, Denys Raffarin, a clairvoyant who practices in Vauvert, agreed to deliver his predictions on the international level, for France and the Gard. Fortune telling ? Clairvoyance? The future will tell…

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Denys Raffarin predicts that Nîmes Olympique players could move up to Ligue 1 in the next two years! (Photo Anthony Maurin).

In the Gard

Our department should experience a period of calm, apart from the usual Cevennes episodes. We can see a strong improvement in tourist numbers. Agricultural harvests should be abundant. And a climate of local trust will create many small businesses. With a local political environment that will make it possible to identify convincing alternative solutions, in terms of efficiency and job creation.

There will be scuffles in the difficult districts of Nîmes, Beaucaire, Vauvert and Alès.

On the sporting level, Nîmes Olympique will wake up from its torpor. We can consider a change in the management team, with very serious hopes of a comeback in Ligue 1 in the next 1 to 2 years.

Note also the very good performances of volleyball from Alès and handball from Nîmes.

Finally, a tragic news item could take place with significant media repercussions.

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According to Denys Raffarin, Éric Zemmour must fear an attack on his person. Photo Lens Gard

In France

Emmanuel Macron will be re-elected President of the Republic. Valérie Pécresse, Marine Le Pen, Éric Zemmour and Jean-Luc Mélenchon only having lower scores than expected. On the other hand, for the Legislative, the lower house will pass to the Right. And one can suppose a government of cohabitation.

Economically, the effects of a lingering recession are to be feared. With failures of many small businesses and a rising unemployment rate, leading to mass protests, both in spring and autumn.

In terms of climate, more floods in the north-east of France, in the Paris region, in Provence, in Occitania. In the Alps, an increase in deadly avalanches is to be feared. Earthquakes will occur in the Pyrenees and the Southern Alps. We can also fear three heat waves and major droughts.

In terms of security, many neighborhoods revolted in a climate of quasi-civil war. One can imagine a number of dead or seriously injured victims. With a period to watch: that of the end of spring going to the beginning of autumn.

At the level of publicized scandals, we will see Nicolas Sarkozy imprisoned. Various political figures from the Right and Left will also be accountable to justice.

Éric Zemmour, for his part, must fear an attack on his person.

Seven internationally known personalities from the world of cinema and song will be leaving us.

FACT OF THE DAY All the predictions of a medium
According to the seer, hospital tension should drop in 2022. (Photo Romain Cura / Objectif Gard)


War tensions on China’s side, taking action invading Taiwan. Japan and the USA, after showing their military strength, will fall back and leave the battlefield in the hands of diplomacy.

Political instability in several Eastern European countries throughout the year. However, even very strongly contested in his country, Vladimir Putin will restore a very precarious peace.

Revolutionary and warlike tensions also between India and Pakistan, between Israel and Palestine, between Algeria, Western Sahara and Mauritania, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Armenia, Benin, Niger, Ukraine, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan , Mali, Senegal, Belarus, Russia, Brazil. Some countries will change political regimes in a context of violence, notably Turkey, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria and Burma.

On the economic level, our planet is engaged in a monetary and stock market crisis. China, the USA, European countries and the Arab monarchies of the Persian Gulf will be particularly affected.

In Qatar, the French football team could hang one more star on its shirt. Starting the competition very slowly, then offering a “Champagne” football as we like, full of twists and turns.

Finally, concerning covid, the planet will finally be able to breathe in 2022. The vaccine programs are having an effect. Mutant variants will still appear, but with much less dangerousness. As a result, the hospital workload is significantly reduced almost everywhere in the world. There will remain areas at risk in Asia, Africa and South America, but the expansion of which will be managed. Several methods of drug therapy will meet with success.

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Denys Raffarin. DR

Based in Vauvert, Denys Raffarin is a clairvoyant medium and traditional therapist. He has been working throughout France and internationally since 1999. Member and founder of the French Guild of Divinatory Arts and Traditional Therapy (union), he is a lecturer and has written eight free e-books on the world of the arts divinatory.

Contact: Denys Raffarin 06 47 41 76 59 / denys-raffarin@hotmail.fr / or on its website.

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FACT OF THE DAY All the predictions of a medium for 2022! – Gard objective

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