Clairvoyants, astrologers, tarologists: can we believe it?

Practitioners of the divinatory arts lack recognition. For the 20th anniversary of Delta Blanc, the association which fights to impose ethics in the profession, we went to interview its director, non-psychic and tarologist, Esméralda Bernard, who takes stock of progress in this area.

The world of mediums, seers, “mages” has an outline that could not be more blurred. Charlatans are legion there in a profession which is not recognized and which is not regulated. And yet, there are mediums, fortune-tellers, astrologers, numerologists and more generally what are called practitioners of the divinatory arts who exercise their profession of clairvoyance with professionalism.

Among them, Esmeralda Bernard, clairvoyant tarologist for more than 30 years, who created the Delta Blanc association 20 years ago to “inform the public about the need to promote respect for a code of ethics in the practice of the arts. divination and alternative psychology in a lucid and realistic approach”. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Delta Blanc, she is organizing a colloquium on Sunday October 1 on her favorite theme, what she calls “the invisible world”.

Esmeralda Bernard also explains to us how delicate the art of divination is, how this profession feeds the mistrust of the general public and how Delta Blanc wants to be a guarantee of respect and professionalism.

Even today, can everyone claim to be a seer?

Indeed, anyone can set up on their own by calling themselves a clairvoyant, medium, fortune-teller, etc. And this is because this field has no precise rules or code of ethics. But to bring rules to a domain, this domain must exist! However, article 563 of the Penal Code defined by Napoleon prohibits and punishes “people who make a profession of guessing and predicting or explaining dreams. Instruments, utensils and costumes used or intended for the exercise will be seized and confiscated. of the profession of soothsayer, prognosticator or interpreter of dreams”. Even though this article is now obsolete, there is still no legal place for divination professions. We are therefore doing a profession that is legally prohibited but recognized for tax purposes…

How to try to see more clearly as an audience in front of the plethoric offer?

I deeply deplore it, but 90% of practitioners have no ethics and call themselves a medium for purely commercial purposes. And there is unfortunately an audience for this: people in difficulty, alone, who feel bad and see a phone call as a kind of cry for help with a ready-made answer on the phone, given by a person who was told that the goal was… profitability. A professional should not take advantage of someone’s distress and a psychic is not there to please or help the person. A medium allows its interlocutor to open up to avenues for the future. Personally, I don’t serve a prefabricated future or turnkey answers. never.

What should the “consumer” interested in divination beware of?

The person concerned must consult a responsible adult. The consultation must take place in person and not over the phone. Before asking questions or explaining the context, the practitioner must do a test to ensure that the relationship is established. He will be able to tell you about yourself, easily verifiable elements of your past. The price must be known before the session and fixed. Finally, it takes time, 1h, 1h15. A clairvoyant who respects his job should not do more than 3 to 4 consultations per day. “Occult” works are out of our practice. And the practitioners that we are must show empathy and psychology. I am not implying that all practitioners consulting by telephone are scammers but I say firmly “beware, danger”. Even if we are beginning to take full measure today between an “0900” light that passes on TV channels and professionals recommended by word of mouth.

How to achieve a more ethical practice?

I am fighting for a school to see the light of day which would make it possible to follow training that respects precise rules and is rich in lessons. There are many practitioners, doctors, researchers, professors who have things to say and to show in the field of extra-sensory perceptions

You should know that everyone can develop their intuition and I regularly teach a curious public during internships proven techniques that allow them to do so, on their scale. Afterwards, of course, not everyone can become a professional, some are much more talented than others.


Cartomancy, an illustration from 1892.

Recognition, do you believe in it?

Our action within Delta Blanc is useful in terms of information to the public but at the institutional level, unfortunately nothing is changing. The only thing that allows me to hope for better is all the research concerning the paranormal that is carried out at the scientific level and the advances and research in the field of neuroscience. This helps to better understand clairvoyance and gives a scientific basis to the profession. Look at hypnosis. Initially, a decried profession, hypnosis was able to scientifically demonstrate its advantages and hypnotherapy has the right of citizenship in university hospitals in particular! Another area is meditation. You remember in the 1970s, meditators were considered hippies living in communities or belonging to sects. Today, it’s a completely different story and the professions around this discipline have multiplied and become more professional.

Who is the Delta Blanc colloquium for?

To all those interested in our psychic abilities, in the immense field of discoveries in the field of extra-sensoriality, and even to those who doubt! We have invited real specialists who do not sell anything but who will come to testify precisely to what they have experienced or their research.

The public will be able to meet Stéphane Alix, journalist, author of several books, founder of the Institute for Research on Extraordinary Experiences and of the magazine Inexploré, he is the author of the best-seller “le Test”; Natacha Calestrémé who will address in a conference the ways to become independent in the face of difficult life events. And finally, we will have with us Geneviève Delpech, the wife of the late Michel Delpech whose abilities as a medium have turned everyday life upside down.

Info : Sunday October 1, 2017 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., auditorium of the Cultural Center of Remouchamps/Aywaille – Avenue de la Porallée – 4920 Aywaille

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Clairvoyants, astrologers, tarologists: can we believe it?

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