Celtic Astrology: Do You Know Who Your Guardian Tree Is?

Celtic astrology is based on the links that human beings can weave with nature and trees in particular. At this time when man is questioning himself in the face of global warming, here is an approach to astrology to take a closer look at.

Druids were extremely influential figures in their time as they held spiritual, political, legislative, medical and philosophical functions. They were the ones who celebrated the sacred ceremonies and carried out the animal sacrifices. It was therefore logical, even if we do not have written proof, that they were interested in astrology and the divinatory arts. However, as you will discover, they are not, contrary to what many claim, the origin of what is called theceltic astrology

The origin of Celt astrology

Celtic astrology or the astrology of the Celts comes from the neodruidism, a movement born in the 18th century advocating the cult of nature. This is why the latter created a astrology based on the fact that each person, according to their date of birth, is spiritually connected to a tree which determines their deep nature and provides them with protection. Indeed, for the Druids, each tree was inhabited by a divine entity. These trees are 21 in number. We let you discover them by summarizing the personality of the people who are under their protection.

The 21 protective trees

Here are the 21 trees that are the basis of theceltic astrology. Each tree corresponds to a criterion that globally defines the people under their protection. It’s up to you to find the one that corresponds to your date of birth and your personality…

The apple tree or the tree of love

It is the protective tree of people born:

  • From December 23 to 1er January
  • From June 25 to July 04.

People whose protective tree is the Apple tree shines with their charm and charisma. They need to love and be loved to feel in harmony. Only the present moment exists in their eyes. Love feelings rule their lives and they have only one quest: to find a soul mate and build a sweet protective home.

The fir tree or the tree of mystery

This tree of the Pinaceae family protects people born:

  • From January 2 to 11
  • July 5 to 14

These people like to appear, are always very dressed without being superficial. They love beautiful things and show an obvious aesthetic sense. Perceived by many as enigmatic, they can sometimes be mistaken for arrogant and cold people, which can create some enmity.

The Elm or the tree of generosity

This tree, often very large, concerns people born:

  • From January 12 to 24
  • July 15 to 25

Elegance characterizes the people protected by the Elm. The latter are pleasant and shine with their joie de vivre. They know how to give without counting even if they tend to want to be the initiators in everything. They need, in the sentimental domain, that we take care of them to feel their heart beating wildly.

The Cypress or the tree of fidelity

This slender tree protects people born:

  • From January 25 to February 3
  • From July 26 to August 4.

These people, natural and whole, reject any manifestation of hypocrisy. They are appreciated for their enthusiasm, their tolerance and their unfailing loyalty. They expect the same in return. In the professional field, they are ambitious and pugnacious. In love, they are looking for a partner in tune with their ideal life.

The Poplar or the tree of uncertainty

This tree, known for its hardiness, provides protection to people born:

  • From February 4 to 8
  • From 1er to May 14
  • August 5 to 13

These people do not feel confident enough in community and prefer solitude. This does not prevent them from succeeding professionally if they find their field of expression. Generally they flourish in intellectual pursuits. In love, they will look for a partner who will charm them with their humor.

The Cedar or the tree of trust

This very majestic tree is home to people born:

  • From February 9 to 18
  • August 14 to 23

These people often have a very advantageous physique. Impossible not to notice them as their charm is so devastating! They are quick-witted and show great confidence in their intellectual abilities. They also shine with their impulsiveness. In love, they will look for an adventurous but definitely faithful partner.

The Pine or the tree of singularity

This resinous tree protects people born:

  • From February 19 to February 28
  • From August 24 to September 2

Always in good shape, these people like intellectual but also spiritual effervescence. They tend to be overly perfectionistic and can’t stand mediocrity. In love they are passionate but quickly tire of their partner. Whoever knows how to keep them by their side will shine with their serenity and calm.

The Weeping Willow or the tree of melancholy

This tree with long branches-vines provides protection to people born:

  • From 1er to March 10
  • From September 3 to 12

These people intrigue by their often pleasant physique but also by the mystery they exude. Often animated by an artistic fiber, they are dreamy and melancholy. This does not prevent them from being voluntary and determined. In love, they will seek a lot of tenderness and a certain material security.

The Linden or the tree of doubt

This tree with very fragrant leaves and flowers is the totem tree of people born:

  • From March 11 to 20
  • From September 13 to 22

These people alternate moments of great vitality and temporary drops in diet. They know how to be very generous and do not like conflicts. If they shine with their abilities, they have trouble finishing what they started. In love, they will look for a partner who will be able to reassure them and calm their unhealthy jealousy.

The Oak or the tree of bravery

The oak, nicknamed the king of trees, protects those born exclusively on March 21

There is a lot of charisma and hard work in these people. They are also very pragmatic. They attract and command the respect of those around them. Their health is generally excellent. In the sentimental domain, in order to flourish, they need a partner who shares their philosophy of life.

The hazel tree or the tree of the extraordinary

This tree from the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere provides protection to people born:

  • From March 22 to 31
  • From September 24 to October 3

These people, full of charm and very charismatic, like to help the poorest. Brilliant by their intellectual capacities and their flawless intuition, they can annoy the fact of being a little too limited. To be able to live a long romantic relationship, they will need a very enterprising partner.

The Sorbier or the tree of delicacy

This ornamental tree provides protection to people born:

  • From 1er to April 10
  • From October 4 to 13

These people are in love with life and can go into raptures easily. In all situations, even the darkest, they manage to be positive. They love the arts and demonstrate a delicate sensitivity. In love, they are exclusive and do not support the slightest fault in their partner.

The Maple or the tree of independence of spirit

This tree with leaves with palmate venation brings its strength to people born:

  • From April 11 to 20
  • From October 14 to 23

These people are imaginative and often perceived as very original. Their sensitivity is combined with a solid physical and mental health. They are combative, daring and autonomous. In love, they oscillate between the desire to find true love and the desire to keep their freedom. Which leads them to be often awkward with their partner.

The Walnut or the passion tree

This fruit tree and very ornamental is the protector of people born:

  • From April 21 to 30
  • From October 24 to November 11

These people intrigue by their dark side. They are rather discreet, secretive and prefer to stay in the shadows. This does not prevent them from being very active and passionate far from lights and superficialities! Besides, they love challenges. In love, they are possessive and expect passion from their partner, if not nothing!

The Chestnut or the tree of honesty

This tree with smooth cracked bark is the totem of people born:

  • May 15 to 24
  • From November 12 to 21

These people with an advantageous physique like, paradoxically, to be discreet. Always zen, they know which direction to give to their existence. They tend to get involved in causes that others may consider lost in advance. In love, they dream of a partner with strong shoulders who will accompany them for life.

The Ash or the tree of ambition

This vigorous and hardy tree concerns people born:

  • May 25 to June 3
  • From November 22 to 1er December

These people are often talented and attract attention with their natural grace. We seek their company for their affable side. However, an overly Cartesian side makes them look like unimaginative and overly ambitious individuals. In love, they are very (too?) selective. The ideal partner, in their eyes, must denote by its originality.

Charm or the tree of good taste

This deciduous tree protects people born:

  • From June 4 to 13
  • From December 2 to 11

Full of freshness, these people shine with their aesthetic approach to things. Moreover, they love to please and to be watched. Of a rather contemplative nature, they often have a predisposition for artistic expressions. In love, they seek comfort and a partner wishing, like her, to surround herself with children.

The Fig tree or the tree of sensitivity

This long-lived tree provides protection to people born:

  • From June 14 to June 23
  • From December 12 to 21

These people welcome life with open arms. A little stubborn, they compensate with a devastating sense of humor. Of great sensitivity, they often have careers that take them away from any precariousness. They are ambitious in all areas of life. In love, they are looking for an independent partner who shares their appetite for life.

Birch or the tree of inspiration

This tree with white bark protects those born on June 24. Endowed with an innate elegance, these people avoid any vulgarity. They often enjoy a great professional career where their creativity and imagination are in high demand. They are appreciated for their warm side but they are criticized for having too many principles. In love, they are looking for an elegant partner who will know how to respect their freedom.

The olive tree or the tree of wisdom

This fruit tree offers its protection to people born on September 23. These people are very energetic and at the same time thoughtful. They are also sensitive to any injustice. This is why they can choose careers in social action in order to help the most disadvantaged. In the sentimental field, they need tenderness, affection and, above all, that no one comes to question their independence!

Beech or the tree of creativity

This tree, so dear to Jean-Jacques Rousseau, is home to people born on December 22. These people shine with their originality. They generally hold positions where their leadership works wonders. Attracted by the unknown and novelty, they manage to federate around her. They are leaders who think outside the box. This is why in love they flourish alongside an imaginative partner who will know how to surprise them.

Have you identified your protective tree? Know that we have restored the personalities here in broad outline. If you are interested in the subject, you will find many reading tips on the web to deepen your knowledge…

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Celtic Astrology: Do You Know Who Your Guardian Tree Is?

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