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Dungeons and Dragons and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are two mainstays of geek culture. Both of these franchises were integral parts of many 90s kids’ childhoods, and even today they remain beloved. Now that Honor Among Thieves is in production, many fans have taken to the tabletop game.

Of course, many fans thought about bringing the iconic characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to the table. Since the Scooby Gang are no strangers to all sorts of monsters, gods, and demons, they adapt to Forgotten Realms like a glove.

Mayor Wilkins – Celestial Warlock 2/Divine Soul Sorcerer 18

Mayor Wilkins is the seemingly benevolent mayor of Sunnyvale with a dark secret. In truth, he is a wizard obsessed with becoming a pure demon. Although he has a cavalcade of magical abilities, his most notable traits are his charisma and ridiculous survivability.

High Charisma is a given for a Sorclock multiclass, and skills should be geared towards persuasion and deception. For racing, Hill Dwarf’s Dwarven Toughness racial trait and Dwarven Fortitude feat are needed to make Wilkins his usual badass. Divine Soul Sorcerer and Celestial Warlock features are also easily flavored as “regeneration” abilities.

Xander – Eloquence Barding 20

Although Alex is the heart of the Scooby Gang, he’s not that good at fighting. What he excels at is convincing even the most psychotic people to give up and talk. This makes Alex a shoo-in for Eloquence Bard, as all of their class characteristics are designed to speak well.

His “superpower” has even been said to motivate his friends, so a good achievement for him (Variant Human) to take is Inspiring Leader, which grants temporary HP to party members. Expertise should be put on Persuasion and Perception, as Xander excels at those qualities.

Giles – Eldritch Knight Fighter 18/Hexblade Warlock 2

Giles is Buffy’s Watcher, and he’s arguably the most experienced and wisest of Buffy’s original group. He’s already an accomplished fighter, but what sets Giles apart from his wards is that he also incorporates magic into his fights after his dealings with the Devon Coven. Although he is not a wizard, he is well versed in the use of magic.

Hexblade represents his pact with the Devon Coven, and the fighting Eldritch Knight perfectly represents Giles’ wits and magic. Skill Expert is a feat they should undertake to represent Giles’ impressive career. Expertise is better geared towards perception, being an observer and all.

Faith – Barbarian Totem 3/Champion Fighter 17

If Buffy is a finely tuned sword, then Faith is a wrecking hammer. She uses her slayer gifts to pounce on her opponents, relying on them rather than pure skill. There’s no doubt that her brute strength surpasses Buffy’s, and this multiclass represents that best. Totem’s “spirit guide” could easily be seasoned as the psychic link that Slayers share with all previous Slayers.

Totem Barbarian also represents the various physical feats that Slayers inherit. while Champion Fighter exemplifies Faith’s preference for raw physical power, with enhanced crits, physical skill proficiency, and overall survivability boost, Faith is one of the bravest slayers around.

Cordelia – Divine Soul Sorcerer 6/Divination Wizard 14

Cordelia is the gang’s resident oracle, and most of her help on the show is due to her visions. She’s not half bad at physical combat either, but her true calling is her visions and spiritual healing. The Divine Soul Sorcerer and Divination Wizard multiclass works best mechanically for this. The Lucky feat should be considered as an additional “visions” ability.

Divine Soul has spiritual and light-based healing abilities that perfectly match the “half-demon” aspect of Cordelia’s physiology. Divination Wizard is straightforward, with all abilities like Portent, Expert Divination, and Third Eye aimed at enhancing players’ oracle spells like Clairvoyance, Augury, and Legend Lore.

Anya – Archfey Warlock 20

Anya is a vengeance demon, believed to be older than humanity itself. His schtick before turning to the side of “good” was granting reality-distorting wishes, as long as it was for others. Other than that, she had a small but mighty reservoir of magical knowledge to draw from. The perfect class and race for Anya is Tiefling Archfey Warlock.

Vengeance demons have supernatural charisma, minor shapeshifting abilities, as well as demonic strength, speed, and spells. Eldritch summons such as Bewitching Whispers, Dreadful Word, Fiendish VIgor, and Mask of Many Faces are a must. Archfey’s class characteristics also match Anya’s penchant for mentally messing with her victims.

Angel – Monk Kensei 20

Angel is Buffy’s stoic vampire ally and also happens to be a master martial artist. He is also said to be incredibly skilled in the art of weaponry, so Kensei Monk is the perfect candidate for Angel. As for the race, it should be Dhampir, the resident vampires of the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

The rest of their “vampire” kit oddly matches Monk-class abilities, such as stamina, superhuman speed, and long lifespan. Kensei Monk is basically combat oriented as well as possible, which is Angel’s forte. A good exploit for Angel would be Mobile, making him even harder to hit in combat.

Spike – Drunken Master 17 / Mastermind Rogue 3

Spike and Angel have mostly the same reasoning for their Vampire traits, i.e. Monk class and Dhampir race. However, the difference lies in their aptitude. Spike is a more passionate and intellectual fighter, who enjoys being in the fray and annoying his opponents into making mistakes. Drunken Master with a hint of Mastermind Rogue suits Spike just fine.

Drunken Master involves many unorthodox moves to evade and deal damage. Mastermind Rogue’s Master of Tactics feature allows the player to use the “help action” in combat as a bonus action, and Cunning Action shows its versatility. Expertise would be in Insight, as he told Buffy his greatest asset in battle was the ability to read his opponents.

Willow – Divine Soul Sorcerer 3/Evocation Magician 17

Willow is undoubtedly the strongest spellcaster in the gang, and it’s not even close. His studious nature, curiosity, intelligence, and natural aptitude for magic make him an ideal candidate for the Divine Soul Sorcerer/Evocation Wizard multiclass. A good feat for her would be Metamagic Adept, to further enhance her natural magical abilities.

Divine Soul represents her ability to heal herself and her friends in battle, as well as her uncanny ability to stave off death. Evocation makes sense as a specialty because it likes to blast people with bolts of energy, whether as a chipper or Dark Willow. All 17 Wizard levels are required to access the Wish and True Resurrection spells, two abilities she has featured in the series.

Buffy – Totem Barbarian 3/Battlemaster Fighter 17

The titular main character herself, Buffy is widely regarded as the greatest slayer of modern times. While upgrades to her slayer blood and spiritual aspects are covered by Totem Barbarian, Buffy’s greatest asset has always been her combat IQ. Where most villains use traditional forms of dominance, Buffy wasn’t afraid to play dirty, not conforming to Slayer lore.

Battlemaster is the perfect representation. Maneuvers are Buffy’s preference to fight with speed and skill instead of raw power. Know Your Enemy shows Buffy’s ability to read her opponents. A good feat for Buffy to take would be Martial Adept, giving her even more options in battle.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 10 Characters You Can Play In Dungeons & Dragons (And How To Build Them) | Pretty Reel

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