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Have you always had a gift of clairvoyance or do you want to develop it? Are you a person who likes to communicate with others and who listens to others? Do you want to help others and support them? So why not become clairvoyant ? It is not as difficult as it sounds.

All you need to do is follow some good advice and show a little patience.

Clairvoyance without Cb

What is a seer?

A clairvoyant is a person who can read the past, present and future.

It is a person who has a special gift or faculty.

The majority of clairvoyants use media such as tarot cards, crystal balls or the stars to answer questions.

Clairvoyance can provide answers to several areas such as love life, professional or family life.

Mediums practice different types of clairvoyance:

  • Cartomancy
  • Numerology
  • Astrology
  • Horoscope

The gifts of clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is the ability to predict future events, in the past, present or future. It can be defined as the art of knowing present or future facts through extra-sensory (psychic) ​​perception.

Clairvoyance therefore differs from divination, which is the ability to guess the future through divinatory support (cards, tarot cards, astrology, etc.).

Clairvoyance allows individuals who use it to obtain information about themselves or others. This information can be used to make important decisions in his life and thus improve his daily life.

However, you should know that clairvoyance is not the subject of a scientific consensus: there is no method to demonstrate that it really exists.

People who claim to have this gift, however, are very numerous and are often part of “normal people” in the ordinary sense of the term; they are no dumber than ordinary mortals and have no more supernatural powers than that. This opinion is however based on a received idea according to which there would be a special gift to see the future and not on an objective study of this phenomenon.

  • Clairvoyance allows everyone to consult their future
  • Anyone can find their place as a clairvoyant.

Clairvoyance, an innate or learned gift?

Clairvoyance is a gift that is often associated with magic. According to some, it is an innate ability, while for others it can be learned.

Clairvoyance is not a defined and standardized process, but rather a set of abilities that are more or less developed in all humans.

Clairvoyance can be practiced in different ways: through the tarot, poker cards, the pendulum or even dowsing (sensitivity to electromagnetic waves).

There is also a particular form of clairvoyance, called “pure clairvoyance”. The latter assumes that the practitioner can see the future without any external support (cards or other). For some divinatory art experts, this type of clairvoyance is almost paranormal and has nothing to do with psychology. Some think it is a form of auto-suggestion based on the collective unconscious. How to recognize true psychic powers? If you think you have psychic powers and are thinking of using them to help others, here are some tips to find out if you really have exceptional abilities:

  • Always seek consensus.
  • Learn to be humble.
  • Never use your power to manipulate or control others.
  • Never lie…

Methods of clairvoyance

The methods of clairvoyance are many and varied.

It is possible to determine the field in which one wishes to specialize through a card game, a pendulum or a crystal ball.

When choosing a particular method, it is necessary to pay attention to certain points:

  • Does the seer have to use all his knowledge to reveal things to you?
  • Should he tell you what the results will be?

The Tarot de Marseille, a tool for clairvoyance

The Tarot de Marseille is a deck that includes 78 cards.

It consists of 22 major cards and 56 minor cards. Each card has a meaning, but it is not always easy to navigate. This tool makes it possible to answer specific questions, to help with decision-making or even to anticipate the future.

The tarot can be used for all types of questions: love, work, money… To appeal to the oracle of the Tarot de Marseille, all you have to do is draw the cards and interpret the message hidden behind each of them. they.

Tarot reading is a divinatory art that uses the major mysteries of the tarot.

It also allows an awareness of one’s past and future to better advance towards the future with more wisdom and more confidence.

The crystal ball, another clairvoyance tool

The crystal ball is a very popular accessory for clairvoyants and other mediums. This object gives access to a different vision of the future and makes it possible to obtain precise information on the future.

The crystal ball is an instrument whose manufacture dates back at least to the 18th century.

The oldest crystal balls date from the 15th century, making it an object that is several hundred years old.

There are different crystal ball shapes, but the most common are round or square. They can be declined in several colors (blue, green, yellow…), with or without patterns (flowers, stars…).

The size of the balls varies between 10 to 50 cm. It is generally made of an opaque or transparent metal alloy (silver, gold, etc.)

Maps, another clairvoyance tool

Maps are a tool for clairvoyance, but not only. They can also help you make predictions. Indeed, when you draw the cards, they give you information about your future, but they can also show you the way to get there.

You can use the cards to find the best time to make an important decision or to find out what response will be expected of you in a situation that requires some thought.

The maps can also be used as a guide and not as an oracle per se.

It is possible to draw the cards to obtain useful and wise advice by consulting a professional tarologist. However, you should know that the cards cannot predict everything and that drawing the same blades several times will not change anything in your destiny (even if you always end up seeing the same blade appear at least Once).

The use of the cards must be done correctly in order to obtain effective and reliable results.

Runes, another clairvoyance tool

Runes are a clairvoyance tool that can be used by everyone, regardless of age.

Runes are not reserved for divination specialists, but they can also be used for personal purposes. They allow you to determine the different aspects of the destiny that awaits you and to better understand their meaning. In ancient times, runes had considerable importance because they were highly valued by druids and priests.

The runes were used in particular to interpret the flight of birds, the shape of the clouds or the direction of the wind to draw good omens for the future.

The current use of the runes is simpler than the one they once had: it is generally enough to place three coins in one of the balls and to observe the result obtained to know its meaning (positive or negative). This technique is mainly used to find a clear and clear answer to the questions you ask about your professional and personal future, but it also allows you to find out more about your current financial situation, how your finances will be affected by your next job or again if you are going to meet a new love…

To conclude, becoming clairvoyant requires a good dose of patience, experience and practice. For beginners, it is difficult to know whether one has gifts or not. This is why clairvoyance by telephone is a very interesting method for learning to assess one’s abilities. Do not hesitate to ask questions about divination techniques.

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Become clairvoyant by developing your intuition » Live TV

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