10 divinatory tarots to discover

You couldn’t miss it. These cards that our ancestors carefully hid, or that our grandmothers used, are back. Trend, the tarot declines to infinity and is presented as a personal development tool for some, a real divinatory instrument for others and above all a nice object to collect.

The classic tarot

To start drawing cards, nothing better than turning to one of the most classic games. It is believed that the oldest of the divinatory tarots is the Tarot of Marseilles. Difficult to know who is at the origin but it is estimated that the 14th century is the period in which the deck of tarot was democratized.

The imagery and symbols of the Tarot de Marseille are numerous. It is composed of 22 major arcana: the main cards with which we work when we start cartomancy. Among the figures we find the Lovers, the Hermit or the Moon. We always find, in one way or another, these cards in the different tarot decks. It is therefore for this reason that start drawing cards with the Tarot de Marseille is often the best gateway.

There is also the Tarot Rider-Waitercreated by the American occultist Arthur Edward Waite in 1910. It is one of the most famous tarot cards in the world.

Modern tarot cards to buy

In recent years, the shelves of our bookstores have been invaded by new tarot cards. Exit the traditional tarot with its famous mysteries. Today, make way for modernity! Many new colorful games created by artists with an assumed universe are worth a look.

The proof with The Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle. The cards carry the symbolism of the traditional arcana on illustrations that represent the witches of today. The Chariot transforms into a Harley Davidson and the High Priestess has a laptop.

Women are definitely in the spotlight with modern tarot cards. We thus find The Tarot of the Sacred Sisterhood ofAshawnee Dubarry and Coni Curi which highlights all women in their diversity. Special mention for the magnificent retro illustrations that will delight tarot purists.

The Tarot of roynes by Jeanne Guerard is also a nice tribute to femininity. Thus the editor writes: “Women have a particular sensitivity towards magic: sometimes priestesses in Greece, witches and healers in the Middle Ages or even fortune tellers in the 19th century… It is therefore quite by the way that the tarot give them pride of place, by offering an entirely feminized version of Marseille.”

The original tarot cards to offer

Are you looking for more personalized tarot cards to offer to a loved one? Unless you want to give yourself a little present? Good news, it is also possible.

For someone who has a green thumb and who collects green plants at home, The Plant Tarot by Marine Lafon and Sandrine Borman will be perfect. Like the Rorschach test, pictures of plants could be a tool for personal development. Beautiful and poetic, this tarot will appeal to all nature lovers.

Fans of the series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”? The occult Tarot should please you. Here, we are on an aesthetic that smells good Halloween and old horror movies. The author and occultist Travis McHenry offers us a tarot where demons and legends come together in superb illustrations.

Finally, if you want to create a 100% personalized tarot, what could be better than coloring it? The Tarot to color by Céline Camoun and Elodie Ascenci can be used as a divinatory tarota personal development tool or simply a manual and anti-stress activity.

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10 divinatory tarots to discover

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