Zazie is 58 years old: Coma, Physio, Model, Couple, Operation, Valentin (and Witchcraft)

Zazie celebrates her 58th birthday on April 18, 2022. Gifted artist, mother of Lola, 20, the singer, born Isabelle Truchis from Varennes, had some crossroads before finding her voice and her way! Intimate itinerary of a free, inspiring and “perched” woman. She made the first name of the heroine of Raymond Queneau’s novel, Zazie in … Read more

Who are the new witches of the 21st century?

Once hunted down and burned, the witch has been gradually rehabilitated since the 19th century. The witch today embodies a multitude of figures, starting with that of the benefactress magician associated with neo-pagan movements. One of the best known is wicca (inspired by the English witch, “witch”), codified in the 1950s in England. This religion … Read more

Doctor Strange 2: the screenwriter teases the influence of the character of Charlize Theron in the sequel

Doctor Strange 2 the screenwriter teases the influence of the

Since May 4, 2022, fans can finally embark on the universe of the multiverse through Doctor Strange 2. One of the film’s two post-credits scenes introduced us the character soon to be embodied by Charlize Theron. The screenwriter of the film reveals the influence of this heroine in the continuation of the adventures of Stephen … Read more

The 10 Best Witchcraft Movies, Ranked By IMDb – CNET – ApparelGeek

With The man from the north putting the witches back in the spotlight, the witch has always been part of the history of cinema. The endless possibilities of their powers make witches one of the most interesting characters in movie history, and many of these movies have evoked magic from critics. It doesn’t matter if … Read more

Stranger Things Season 4 Poster Asks Vecna ​​To Watch Our Favorite Characters

The main cast of stranger things Season 4 is ominously watched over by mysterious new villain Vecna ​​in the latest poster. Posted via social networksThe poster continues the series’ penchant for paying homage to 1980s films in its design, with the hit Netflix show’s fourth season set to land on the streaming platform later this … Read more

Friday the 13th: salt, numbers, spiders… a little world tour of superstitions

In 2022, there will only be one Friday the 13th. Bad luck for those who firmly believe in luck on this day which sees the French flock to the various games of chance. For others, it is good news, because this number brings bad luck, and has done so since the dawn of time. This … Read more

Tom Felton Would Work With Daniel Radcliffe Again On One Condition – Nifey

Harry Potter Star Tom Felton jokes that he wants to switch roles with Daniel Radcliffe if the couple were ever to reunite on screen. Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone enchanted audiences in 2001 when he welcomed the public to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Since then, the franchise has established an incredible legacy, … Read more