Naked in Public, Falling, First Love, Falling Teeth: 9 Common Dream Interpretations

You’ve probably heard that sleep is essential. Indeed, a good night’s sleep can reduce your risk of: – heart disease– depression– diabetes A lesser known benefit of sleep is that it opens a window into the world of the unconscious. It lets you access what some experts call your “inner therapist.” In other words: your … Read more

Viola Davis, de la pauvreté à la légende hollywoodienne

Elle est l’une des actrices les plus célèbres d’Hollywood. Pourtant, dans ses mémoires, Viola Davis nous révèle que son chemin vers la gloire et la célébrité a été pavé de rejet, de violence et de privations. Pendant un mois, Viola Davis (56 ans) est restée en isolement complet. Au printemps 2020, en plein confinement, elle … Read more

Laure Gauthier : « À trop assécher et formaliser le poème, on le tue » (les corps caverneux)

Laure Gauthier A trop assecher et formaliser le poeme

Avec les corps caverneux, Laure Gauthier publie un des textes poétiques parmi les plus importants de ces dernières années. Récit-poème, poème narratif ou encore chant du récit, les corps caverneux dévoile, en sept séquences, une exploration politique et érotique qui remonte jusqu’aux origines de l’être dans le poème. De Rodez en promenade à une déambulation … Read more

Dream Interpretation: Here are 3 reasons why you cheat on your partner in your dreams…

It’s happened to all of us, right? To fall asleep in the arms of the loved one and to wake up with the memory of having dreamed of the girl from the cafeteria or the guy from human resources. What an unpleasant feeling. In reality, the dreams of deception are very common. But what do … Read more

Doctor Strange 2 Hints A Huge Villain’s Origin Story Has Already Been Changed – GameSpot

Warning! SPOILERS for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness set new rules for dreams in the MCU multiverse, hinting that a strange doctor the villain’s origin has already been changed. Classic Marvel villain Nightmare rules the Kingdom of Nightmare, part of an alternate plane of reality called … Read more

Here are 10 most common dreams and their meanings

Dreams would have the ability to subconsciously express certain desires, fears or desires, especially if they are recurrent. If you woke up with vivid images of a dream still imprinted in your memory, this article might interest you! According to a survey conducted by Amerisleepthese dreams are the most often reported and common. At the … Read more

Dreaming of the same person several times: what interpretations?

Globally, dreaming of the same person multiple times nothing to worry about. This is simply an invitation to reflection. “Your subconscious sends you a signal to allow you to analyze something of which you are not aware”, explains Juliet was going, author, psychotherapist and analyst Jungian. Dreaming several times about a person who is in … Read more