Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness : découvrez les 37 clins d’oeil et références cachées dans le film

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness decouvrez les

Le film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness est disponible au visionnage depuis le 4 mai dernier, dans les salles obscures. Nous avons laissé passer une semaine entière, afin que vous puissiez aller le voir, avant de vous proposer un résumé de toutes les références, détails et easter egg qu’il fallait voir dans ce … Read more

New Moon March 2, 2022: Confronting Our Dreams With Reality

The season of Pisces has barely started, here we are forced to face reality, in this new moon march 2, 2022which invites us to clarify our feelings to understand and build the world of tomorrow. This is more or less confirmed by theastro-journalist Maressa Brown on the American site InStyle. “This period is so difficult … Read more

Charles Hervé-Gruyer, pioneer of permaculture and resilience: “the food garden is probably the most useful act we can do for the planet”

Charles Herve Gruyer pioneer of permaculture and resilience the food garden

Charles Hervé-Gruyer is one of the pioneers of permaculture in France. For decades, at the Bec Hellouin farm, he has been striving to demonstrate the effectiveness of agriculture that respects nature and the seasons. Charles Hervé-Gruyer now offers a series of practical guides dedicated to resilience. Books from the Resiliences collection Ulmer editionswhich deal with … Read more

Dreaming of an argument: what interpretations?

Dream about arguing with someone is never very pleasant. This type of dream often involves a state of agitation which can also cause a sudden awakening. But are dreams of conflict really “bad dreams”? What message is your subconscious sending? Decryption of possible dreamlike interpretations. What does the argument symbolize in a dream? The argument … Read more