The guitar broken during the separation of Oasis sold at auction

Before his appearance at the Beauregard festival on July 8, let’s go back to the Why Me? Why Not by Liam Gallagher. Interview Recorded between Los Angeles and London (notably at Abbey Road for the strings), Why Me? why not is in the same vein as its predecessor As You Were : pure British rock … Read more

Yuri Berezkin: “People don’t invent their stories, they copy them”

You have created a database of myths from around the world, used by many mythologists. How was this approach born? Yuri Berezkin: It’s a long-term project, which emerged almost unconsciously, I would say 50 years ago, as part of my archaeological work. I was first interested in the parallels that I saw between the myths … Read more

10 classic dreams deciphered by a specialist

10 classic dreams deciphered by a specialist

SLEEP – Have you ever woken up from a particularly confusing dream, wondering what it could possibly mean? The famous Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung analyzed over 20,000 dreams during his career. He thought they are the key to our unconscious. The therapies recommended by practitioners and theoreticians who claim to belong to his … Read more

Always having the same dream: what does it mean?

By Ophelie Ostermann Published on 09/10/2017 at 04:15, Update on 01/29/2020 at 07:16 Repetitive dreams alert us to a change we need to make. iStock The right question.- Certain dream scenarios, characters or environments regularly return to punctuate our nights. For a good reason according to Christiane Riedel, specialist in the interpretation of dreams. Details. … Read more