When you dream of someone what does it mean?

1674494724 When you dream of someone what does it mean

Every night, our mind wanders constructing scenarios that sometimes leave us speechless. Often, people find themselves in our dreams sometimes holding important roles, sometimes acting as extras. What is it really hiding? According to psychoanalysis, dreams have a hidden meaning or latent content. The latter is often related to wishes, desiresthem fears and the anxieties … Read more

75th anniversary of the Fleurdelisé | The largest Quebec flag in history unfurled in Montreal

1674408218 75th anniversary of the Fleurdelise The largest Quebec flag

The largest Quebec flag in history, measuring 60 by 90 feet, was unfurled Saturday on the Place des Arts esplanade, in the heart of Montreal, to celebrate the 75e anniversary of the fleur-de-lis. Posted yesterday at 1:43 p.m. “It was very important for us to mark this anniversary. Seventy-five years is not nothing. The fleurdelisé … Read more

I dreamed that I was losing my hair: what does that mean?

1674321752 I dreamed that I was losing my hair what does

If the hair loss is associated with illness and stress, its dreamlike symbolism is charged with positivity. “The theme of hair in general is fascinating. When the dream is mainly about this element, we can expect a sequel”, assures Chantal Motto, psychotherapist and author of Deciphering your dreams to properly guide your life (Ed. InterEditions). … Read more

Nouvelle lune du 21 janvier 2023 : le coup de pouce qu’on attendait pour enfin bien débuter l’année

1674235235 Nouvelle lune du 21 janvier 2023 le coup de pouce

Samedi 21 janvier 2023, s’installera, dès 21h24, la première nouvelle lune de l’année.  Prenant ses quartiers chez le rêveur et indécis Verseau, cette lunaison sera salvatrice. Après plusieurs semaines martyrisé.es par Mercure et sa rétrograde, la nouvelle lune donne le coup d’envoi à une période plus calme et surtout plus stable, nous offrant la possibilité … Read more

Top 10 explanations of lucky charms, objects that make you lucky

“Don’t worry, it’s good luck!” », Your friend repeats to you mechanically each time you gracefully crush a dog turd, or a ladybug decides to hover around you for hours. But where do these beliefs come from? Since when ? Since what event? We’re trying to figure it out! Happy Friday the 13th. 4 leaf … Read more

Dreaming about your ex: what are the meanings and should you worry about it?

New Manga Proves Reincarnation Is The Genres Worst New Trend

Whether it’s directly after a breakup or years after it, both men and women dream about their ex. According to the personal evolution of each, this dream could have several meanings. But, whatever the reason, this type of dream is normal and may be a message from our subconscious. Why am I dreaming of my … Read more