The work of artist-painter Said Cherraj: a dazzling palette

The work of artist painter Said Cherraj a dazzling palette

Like a magician, the Moroccan artist-painter Said Cherraj, who lives and works in Tangier, creates often surprising compositions full of poetry, but always bewitching. He appears with all his series of works as an artist who takes pleasure in painting as evidenced by the drips of the material and the changes of rhythm in the … Read more

Concert venues are invented at Musica – ResMusica

Concert venues are invented at Musica ResMusica

More details Strasbourg. musica festivalTJP, Great Hall. 17-IX-2022: Zad Moultaka (born in 1967): Armoise, for clarinet and video; Moisare, for soprano and video; Daphné Hejebri (born in 1994): +1, for soprano, bass clarinet and electronics; Georges Aperghis (born in 1945): Half-words, for voice and clarinet; Zeynep Gedizlioğlu (born in 1977): NN 3:4 /Speak!, for soprano, … Read more

The Umbrella Academy’s Biggest Unanswered Questions and Mysteries for Season 4 | Pretty Reel

The Umbrella Academys Biggest Unanswered Questions and Mysteries for Season

These are the biggest questions and mysteries Season 4 of The Umbrella Academy must answer before the Hargreeves family album can be closed for good. From the very beginning, Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy has been filled with puzzles, from the origin of the siblings’ superpowers to the unexplained death of Ben Hargreeves. Season 3 of … Read more

11 names for girls and boys that can be read both ways

Julien Bondaz Le terme de ‘marabout recouvre un ensemble dacteurs

Everything is almost ready for the long-awaited arrival of your baby. Her clothes and diapers are already stored in their designated drawers. Her room is already impeccably decorated with teddy bears, a toy chest, and a super-comfortable bed. Only downside, you still haven’t found the ideal and above all very original first name for your … Read more

5 things astrology can teach us

5 things astrology can teach us

The symbolic interpretation of the movements of planets and human affairs has gained great importance in recent years. Thus, a great progress has been recorded in the science that studies these phenomena, which allows believers to understand them well. Likewise, this science called astrology has several branches that allow man to better understand the world … Read more

Roadburn : deux décennies au service de l’innovation musicale – RADIO METAL

Roadburn deux decennies au service de linnovation musicale

Après deux ans de pause forcée pour l’industrie du live et une édition en ligne, le Roadburn a repris du service cette année. Depuis son émergence à la toute fin des années 1990, le festival néerlandais piloté par Walter Hoeijmakers s’est imposé dans le monde entier comme un événement unique, dédié au doom/stoner d’abord, puis … Read more

Better understand consciousness through lucid dreaming, really?

Better understand consciousness through lucid dreaming really

What happens in our brains when we dream? Research on lucid dreamers could provide some clues. © Unsplash While you were dreaming, did you ever realize that the world you were living in was just a dream? If so, you’ve been doing what science calls “lucid dreaming.” This infrequent phenomenon has fascinated the general public … Read more

Dream interpretation: 3 methods to decode your dreams

Dream interpretation 3 methods to decode your dreams

The decoding of dreams has caused a lot of ink to flow… so many psych currents, so many possible interpretations… And even today the dictionary of dreams is an essential element for anyone who wants to decipher their dreams! To explore the meaning of your dream world, here are some simple but illuminating techniques. For … Read more