Fraud: a manufacturer of magic leaf doors arrested by the police

Fraud a manufacturer of magic leaf doors arrested by the

The National Police in its sovereign mission to protect people and their property has just put an end to the fraudulent activities of an alleged offender claiming to have powers of divination and who can make magic wallets. We offer ourselves the entire statement produced by the institution to present the facts. OPENING STATEMENT Genesis … Read more

Esotericism 2.0: when young people try their hand at divinatory practices – Vatican News

Esotericism is fashionable, especially among young people. Magic rituals and initiations to the divinatory arts abound on social networks. But these practices are far from trivial. Lighting. Interview by Manuella Affejee – Vatican City Astrology, divination, cartomancy, mediumship: these esoteric practices have been on the rise for a few years and are arousing more and … Read more

30 Meilleur test Boule De Cristal Voyance en 2022: après avoir recherché des options

1652567261 30 Meilleur test Boule De Cristal Voyance en 2022 apres

Vous recherchez des conseils d’experts pour acheter le meilleur Boule De Cristal Voyance? Les experts sont ici avec la liste des Boule De Cristal Voyance les mieux notés disponibles en France pour 2022.Vous allez investir votre argent durement gagné en achetant ce Boule De Cristal Voyance et ne voulez pas que vous le regrettiez. C’est … Read more

War in Ukraine: before the Russian offensive in the Donbass, the deluge of fire

No need to resort to divination: the offensive announced by Vladimir Putin against the Donbass will be brutal. Ukrainians who know this well are urging civilians to flee what will become the battlefield where the outcome of the war launched on February 24 could be decided. Since the announcements from the Russian command, we have … Read more

Benin: Talon asks Macron for the ”god Ogou” and the tablet of the fâ

After signing the deed of transfer of ownership of the 26 royal treasures of Abomey this Tuesday, November 09, 2021 at the Elysée in Francethe President of the Republic of BeninPatrice Talonhas in his intervention, seized the opportunity offered to him to claim the work of the ‘‘God Ogou’. He expressed this request in the … Read more

Pope Francis proclaims Saint Irenaeus “Doctor of the Church”

Choosing a saint as a doctor of the Church is never the result of chance. The objective is less to honor the intellectual qualities of this or that exceptional figure than to offer the people of God a teaching capable of helping them to face the challenges of the present time. From the distance IIand … Read more

Comics for children: “Arcana”, a divinatory fantasy that plays the Harry Potter card

Comics for children Arcana a divinatory fantasy that plays the

For this very gripping learning story, Serena Blasco was inspired by her passion for tarot and imagined a magical, luminous and fascinating world, above which the shadow of the young wizard of Hogwarts hovers. From 10 years old. Fauna is the happiest of the teenagers: she has just been appointed to become an apprentice to … Read more

From the art of divination to the realm of e-health

The researcher noticed, however, that most of the users of ELIZA got caught up in the game of discussion with the robot, entrusting it with intimate information as if it were a real psychiatrist. This experience is allegorical of the current spread of so-called predictive medicine: through the dream of medicine centered on the patient, … Read more

The Lebanese in front of the crystal ball

Is our future between clairvoyance and divination? The questions fuse between Lebanese men and women. What will happen tomorrow? Where is the country going? Meanwhile, our politicians continue the trick-or-treating policy. The country is deteriorating at all levels… It is impossible to imagine a sector in good working order. Politicians are fakers. They are not … Read more