The subtle art of divination applied to public order

” You can always erase the past: it’s a matter of regret, of disavowal, of forgetting. But we do not avoid the future »Oscar Wilde The objective, especially during the holidays, is to write a little more “light”, while continuing, with rigor, to be of service. It is therefore without seeking the slightest originality that … Read more

SOCIOLOGICAL ARCATURES: Mephistophelic divination, this therapeutic lure

CHRONICLE From: RABEH SEBAA “It is always a deep ignorance that founds the most tenacious certainties” (Ibn Sina) It is thus that all the beatified preachers and all the gratified healers begin to bulge the torso of ignorance, showing off the curved biceps of ignorance, loudly trumpeting the implacable virtues of insignificance. Urevolting … Read more

Witches, oracles and other literary divinations

Witches oracles and other literary divinations

It is not customary, between our pages, to speak of divination or esotericism. However, according to Gaspard’s Bilan du marché du livre au Québec, this sector totaled $967,356 in sales in 2021. This sum, moreover, represents a significant increase of 49.8% compared to the previous year, with its tarots and horoscopes at the top of … Read more

France solemnly returns the treasure of Abomey to Benin

The Beninese head of state was welcomed at the presidential palace of the Elysée in the morning for the last stage of this unprecedented process of restitution, the signing of the act of transfer of ownership of these works to the Republic of Benin. After the signature of the document by the Ministers of Culture … Read more

FACT OF THE DAY All the predictions of a medium for 2022! – Gard objective

FACT OF THE DAY All the predictions of a medium

At the start of 2022, Denys Raffarin, a clairvoyant who practices in Vauvert, agreed to deliver his predictions on the international level, for France and the Gard. Fortune telling ? Clairvoyance? The future will tell… Denys Raffarin predicts that Nîmes Olympique players could move up to Ligue 1 in the next two years! (Photo Anthony … Read more

Modern witchcraft: 3 books to know everything about this trend

Modern witchcraft 3 books to know everything about this trend

Rituals, incantations, spells… Modern witchcraft is in vogue, eyeing the side of personal development, feminist positivism and the relationship with nature. More and more people are turning to this more truly occult practice, whether to discover a new spiritual path, to connect with themselves, the surrounding world, or simply out of curiosity. Here are 3 … Read more

Max Hooper Schneider – Pourrir dans un monde libre au MO.CO. Panacée

Max Hooper Schneider Pourrir dans un monde libre au

Jusqu’au 24 avril 2022, le MO.CO. accueille Max Hooper Schneider à la Panacée pour «Pourrir dans un monde libre ». Pour sa première exposition dans une institution européenne, l’artiste américain signe une proposition magistrale qui marquera à l’évidence l’actualité culturelle de ce printemps à Montpellier et plus largement dans la région méditerranéenne. C’est aussi le dernier … Read more

Basque Country: fifteen months in prison closes parking meter scammers

Hamid Zerdab is 34, Christopher Mohamed 33. They were born and live in Marseille. They are two friends. The teenage son of the second has heart disease. If the two men are in the Basque Country on October 23, it is to consult a specialist in San Sebastian. At least they argue this laudable design. … Read more

The myth of winning the lottery with a clock – Parc Haute Borne

You have always played the lottery, but never had the chance to win. Yet there are players next to you who are winning every day. Having heard about the wave and divinatory powers of the pendulum, you have decided to apply it to the lottery in order to see if the popular reflections are really … Read more

Clairvoyants: Between Tarot and Literature – Châtelaine

Combine divinatory art and Quebec literature? Audrée Wilhelmy and 14 other writers have dared with Clairvoyantes. The result is downright fun and inspiring. Quebec publisher Alto is bold. He throws the box Clairvoyants, which combines literature and the art of divination in a marriage that is out of the ordinary. It’s sort of a poetic … Read more