Work, ambition, libido: everything your Mars sign says about you

1674580711 Work ambition libido everything your Mars sign says about you

Less scrutinized than the placement indicating our solar and lunar signs, that of the powerful planet Mars in our horoscope is nonetheless equally important. “Positioning Mars, the planet of energy, action and sex, can shed light on your energy and the desires within you”, explicit astro-journalist Maressa Brown to shape. According to the star specialist, … Read more

Astrological lunations: how to make good use of their energy

Astrological lunations how to make good use of their energy

It is the most emblematic symbol of the celestial stars. Her feminine and mysterious aura accompanies us every evening without fail. It served as a guide to ancient civilizations and is the natural satellite of our planet Earth. This is clearly the moon, a celestial body that needs no introduction. Here we tell you all … Read more

Horoscope : la fin janvier s’annonce difficile pour ces 2 signes astrologiques – Elle

Horoscope la fin janvier sannonce difficile pour ces 2

Publié le 20 janvier 2023 à 12h12 Cette semaine encore, la lourde tâche d’élire les signes les moins chanceux du zodiaque nous revient. Pas de panique : grâce à l’horoscope de Jean-Yves Espié, on vous dit comment remonter la pente.  « Le gagnant rafle tout », chantait ABBA. En astrologie, c’est la même chose ou … Read more

How to survive Blue Monday according to your astrological sign? – She

How to survive Blue Monday according to your astrological sign

It’s Blue Monday and Mercury retrograde still ? If you want to panic, do it in silence, it’s contagious. Instead, do what human beings have done best since time immemorial: choose to relieve yourself of responsibility by putting the weight of existence on the stars. It’s free and it relieves, so there’s no reason to … Read more

Astro: the most devious passive-aggressive of the zodiac – X Gossip

Astro the most devious passive aggressive of the zodiac X

Silence, well-directed little spades, false indifference… certain behaviors can quickly drive us crazy. We reveal to you the astrological signs most prone to this passive-aggressive behavior! Some people who can’t really express their displeasuremay adopt, consciously or unconsciously, questionable behavior until they become unpleasant for those around them. An example ? Not responding to a … Read more

Clairvoyance of Christa, between Orne and Manche: “it will heat up for the government”

1673871959 Clairvoyance of Christa between Orne and Manche it will heat

Through William Jeanne Published on 16 Jan 23 at 12:09 The Free Publisher See my news Follow this media Christa, clairvoyant. ©DR What will 2023 be like? L’astrology can provide answers. Christa, clairvoyant between adorns and Sleeveaccepted, for The Free Publisherto reveal its predictions. What do you think will happen in 2023? Is this new … Read more

Perfect companion: European Shorthair, Main Cocoon… which breed of cat to choose according to its astrological sign? – Here is

Perfect companion European Shorthair Main Cocoon… which breed of cat

Between the Chartreux and the Siamese, your heart hesitates? Here is, for each astrological sign, the cat that best matches your personality… To choose a feline that matches perfectly with your lifestyle and your temperament! Whether the determined Taurus particularly enjoys taking care of animals, the sociable Gemini feels fulfilled when surrounded by various beasts. … Read more

Which stone corresponds to me according to my astrological sign? The gems for you according to the zodiac!

Gemstones immerse us in a magical world of color, but they are more than pretty trinkets. According to some, these natural beauties found within the Earth are believed to have extraordinary powers. Amulets of protection, unconventional cures and lucky charms, gems are popular again and we can’t wait to enjoy them! However, lithotherapy is not … Read more