News on Good Omens Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast and All Recent Updates Coming Soon

Neil Gaiman has previously said that he and Terry Pratchett “always decided” whether they would work on Good Omens “together or not at all” or not work on it at all. “If people like it enough and if there’s the time and the inclination to do more,” Gaiman said later, we could “definitely go back … Read more

The incredible evolution of angels, disembodied spirits who have become guardian angels

In December, winged humanoids invade shop windows, decorate the tops of Christmas trees… However, these creatures have not always had the appearance we know them to have. Now depicted as flying people in diaphanous robes, angels, especially Christmas angels, have taken many forms. Disembodied spirits turned feathered guardians, they reflect the evolution of religious thought … Read more

Married at first sight 6 (spoiler): marital incident for Pauline and Damien, the experts intervene on M6

This Monday, May 9, 2022, M6 is broadcasting a new, unpublished issue of season 6 of Married at first sight . For this seventh issue of the sixth edition of the dating show are Paulina and Damian. And the wedding does not go as planned for the very young couple. A growing delay in Married … Read more

David Turnley: Ukraine: Photographing the Soul of Humanity – Part 2 – The Eye of Photography Magazine

15 days ago, Peter Turnley entrusted us with his images. Today it’s David Turnley his twin brother who does the same: 38 images that we publish in two parts accompanied by his very touching testimony.Jean Jacques Naudet Photographing the Soul of Humanity – Ukraine – by David Turnley (2) After a few days in Lviv, … Read more

DARC Festival 2022: Gaëtan Roussel, Calogero, Blankass, Superbus and Christophe Maé among the headliners

A must-see in the summer in Châteauroux, the DARC festival will take place from August 7 to 19, 2022. This event combining dance, singing and comedy during the day, supervised by renowned professionals, and a Festival with concerts and entertainment in Châteauroux and throughout the Indre department in the evening finds its audience after two … Read more

Bruny Surin, Canada’s Chef de Mission at the Paris Olympics

Bruny Surin Canadas Chef de Mission at the Paris Olympics

Q. Congratulations on your appointment. How did you hear the news and what was your reaction? A. I’m thrilled. I can’t stop dancing. It’s sick! I was on a conference call with the Canadian Olympic Committee and that’s how I found out. For me it was already party! I could tell it was on my … Read more

Profilage (TF1) : elle s’est éteinte cette semaine

Profilage, la série phare de TF1 qui s’est arrêtée il y a deux ans déjà, vient de perdre une de ses actrices phares. La nouvelle vient de chambouler le monde du petit écran francophone. L’équipe Objeko vous dit tout dans cet article. Profilage : dix saisons de succès Pas besoin de faire appel à une … Read more

« Front républicain » ou lutte des classes ?

Front republicain ou lutte des classes

Depuis le premier tour de l’élection présidentielle, les dirigeants de la plupart des syndicats et partis de gauche appellent à « faire barrage au Rassemblement National », le 24 avril prochain. Certains appellent explicitement à voter pour Macron. D’autres appellent à ne pas voter pour Le Pen. D’autres, enfin, appellent à « battre Le Pen ». Du point de vue … Read more