“Under the eye of the dragon”, dialogue with the angels

Under the eye of the dragon dialogue with the angels

Under the Eye of the Dragon – Angels, Saints and Demons by Pauline de Préval (texts) and Paul Kichilov (engravings) Editions de Corlevour/Revue Nunc, 112 p., €23 It is rare to find oneself thus, from the first pages of a book, at the heart of the invisible, a reality often forgotten, concealed, or denied today. … Read more

Laureyssens: “This padel tournament is a tsunami, it exceeds my expectations a thousand times”

Laureyssens This padel tournament is a tsunami it exceeds my

By yves simon Tennis specialist journalist | Published on 8/05/2022 at 20:42 40,000 fans came to discover the first Circus Brussels Padel Open since Wednesday at Tour & Taxis with the victory of the world nº1, both for ladies and gentlemen. Vincent Laureyssens, one of the organizers, is over the moon! ***** *** ** **************** … Read more

Synthetic biology: a powerful ally of transhumanism – Inf’OGM

New avatar of technology, adored by supporters of the will to power, synthetic biology offers a world where everything is programmed and shaped by researchers whose power will one day have to be questioned. A world where nothing is more human-sized and a world based on a scientific lie: the reduction of ” which is … Read more

Returning Criminal Minds: See the 6 Returning Stars (and Those Who Turned Down)

Almost 2 years after the end of Criminal Minds, the series is about to return for a new season. This time, it will no longer be broadcast on CBS but on the Paramount + video-on-demand platform. In 15 seasons and no less than 324 episodes, Criminal minds had become a real phenomenon all over the … Read more

Bernard-Henri Lévy and the success, in the United States, of “The Will To See”.

Films are like ideas: they often circulate, diffuse and infuse. All the more so when it comes to a film-idea, a film-advocacy. This convolution is to be rejoiced. A few months after its release in French cinemas under the title Another idea of ​​the world, Bernard-Henri Lévy’s work of committed cinema is broadcast across the … Read more

For to which of the angels did God ever say: You are my Son, I have begotten you this day? And again: I will be a father to him, and he will be a son to me? Hebrews 1.5 – Christian Life – Christian Journal

For to which of the angels did God ever say

February 22, 2022Therese Kanange For to which of the angels did God ever say: You are my Son, I have begotten you this day? And again: I will be a father to him, and he will be a son to me? Hebrews 1.5 Excerpt from Interlinear Annotated Bible. The Superior Son of Angels To establish … Read more

News on Good Omens Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast and All Recent Updates Coming Soon

Neil Gaiman has previously said that he and Terry Pratchett “always decided” whether they would work on Good Omens “together or not at all” or not work on it at all. “If people like it enough and if there’s the time and the inclination to do more,” Gaiman said later, we could “definitely go back … Read more

The incredible evolution of angels, disembodied spirits who have become guardian angels

In December, winged humanoids invade shop windows, decorate the tops of Christmas trees… However, these creatures have not always had the appearance we know them to have. Now depicted as flying people in diaphanous robes, angels, especially Christmas angels, have taken many forms. Disembodied spirits turned feathered guardians, they reflect the evolution of religious thought … Read more