Catherine Deneuve and Jacques Demy: A fairy tale against a backdrop of politically engaged cinema | LeMagduCine

In early September 2022, the Venice Film Festival awarded Catherine Deneuve a Golden Lion for her entire career. The opportunity to dive back into the filmography of the actress. This month, the Magduciné has chosen to focus on its fruitful collaboration between Jacques Demy. Free Galathée from Pygmalion Cinema is a collective art. This statement … Read more

Trial of the Nice attack: “Unfortunately, there is still a lot of hatred”, the painful testimony of Stéphane Erbs whose wife died on July 14, 2016

Trial of the Nice attack Unfortunately there is still a

Stéphane Erbs, a father living in Nord-Isère, testified on Friday at the Nice attack trial. He lost his wife, Rachel, on July 14, 2016 on the Promenade des Anglais. In the courtroom, he retraced every minute of that evening. It was the day he had been waiting for for over six years. Stéphane Erbs lost … Read more

Reviews of the latest Brigitte Giraud, Maud Simonnot, Laura Poggioli, Pol Guasch, Priya Hein, Odile Verschoot…

On Animal Consciousness… and Animal Welfare

Novels Brigitte Giraud live fast Flammarion, 208 pages, €20. How to tell the unacceptable? How to find the words to say the brutal death – a motorcycle accident – ​​of the person you love? Brigitte Giraud has chosen to redo the film of the tragedy via short chapters. “If I hadn’t wanted to sell the … Read more

NBA – Huge lie around Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley?!

NBA Huge lie around Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley

CrunchTime (DR) / NBA (DR) Since they are teammates at the Lakers, Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook suggest that they would have buried their long beef of several years. But some strongly doubt it, including among the elders of the Purples and Golds. An ex-champion notably degummed their speech recently. We could be scared about … Read more

The guardian angel, the flower crowns and the two spouses

The guardian angel the flower crowns and the two spouses

The Church celebrates the Guardian Angels on October 2. The chronicles abound with marvelous stories where these holy angels intervene in the name of God to save men from many perils. Thus, the coming of the angel who preserved the virginity of Saint Cecilia, on her wedding day, with flowers picked from Heaven… “Guardian angels … Read more

Sophia Hadjipanteli: a model with a different standard of beauty but who leaves no one indifferent

Sophia Hadjipanteli a model with a different standard of beauty

Long mocked by her monobrow, Sophia Hadjipanteli knew how to transform her difference into a strength that even influenced an entire generation. Since then, feminine beauty has always been the subject of a particular injunction. This time when the criterion of beauty in women is to be thin but above all hairless is finally over. … Read more

“The trans child has become the new marketing product”

The trans child has become the new marketing product

How can transgender ideology be so successful today, when the fact existed in a very marginal way in the public debate? The progressive march of our societies in favor of the recognition of the right of children to “self-determine” their gender is a global phenomenon. Not only does it occur throughout the Western world, but … Read more

“The Power of Faith is the Power of Love”, by Msgr. Francesco Follo – ZENIT – English

Horoscope 2022 your astrological forecasts sign by sign from April

Here is the meditation of the readings of the mass of Sunday, October 2, 2022, by Mgr Francesco Follo, permanent observer of the Holy See at Unesco. The power of faith is the power of love XXVIII Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C – October 2, 2022 Hab 1,2-3;2, 2-4; Ps 94; 2Tm 1.6-8.13-14; … Read more