Test : découvrez ce qui est le plus important dans votre vie !

Test decouvrez ce qui est le plus important dans

Est-ce que vous voulez connaître votre avenir et le chemin qui vous attend ? Et bien, n’attendez plus une seule seconde pour réaliser le test de personnalité qu’on vous partage dans cet article. C’est parti ! Test de personnalité : Image du test viral Ce test de personnalité est devenu viral sur les réseaux sociaux. Il … Read more

Charles Jeffrey, the creator who explores the madness of London’s queer nightlife

Charles Jeffrey the creator who explores the madness of Londons

While waiting for our transformation into avatars in the metaverse, Numéro Homme paints portraits of very real faces: those of the fine flower of young men’s fashion designers. Gathered in Paris in front of the lens of Erwan Frotin, these designers of the future wear pieces from their own wardrobes and reveal to us the … Read more

Recurrent abdominal pain in children: validated CBTs

Recurrent abdominal pain in children validated CBTs

Paris, France– A meta-analysis of trials on recurrent functional abdominal pain in children and adolescents concludes in favor of cognitive-behavioral therapies and hypnosis for analgesic purposes[1].This publication confirms the data of the literature as well as the practices, as explained by the Dr Marc Bellaichegastro-pediatrician at Robert Debré Hospital (Paris) in this article. Pediatric Functional … Read more

Calm meditation app could pay you $5,000 for 60 seconds of work – Reuters News in France and abroad

Calm, a meditation and wellness company, is looking for a voice that puts people to sleep. And he hopes to find that voice on TikTok. The company recently posted a video on the social media platform announcing its upcoming Voice of Calm contest, which will select the entrant with the most soothing voice to record … Read more

At the University of Geneva, Muslim students will pray at all costs

On April 21, an article appeared in topo, the student magazine of the University of Geneva, in which Kaouthar Najim recounts the daily life of Muslim students reduced to praying in a stairwell on campus. The reason? The University does not provide a room allowing the most observant students to perform their five daily prayers. … Read more

5 tips for managing stress on a daily basis

Eat healthy to fight stress HASIn order to better manage your stress, it is recommended to change your eating habits by favoring a healthy lifestyle. First, avoid meals that are too fatty, too sweet and too salty, which promote fat storage. Then, it is essential to consume products from organic farming. Indeed, organic fruits and … Read more