Zodiac signs most likely to sleep with their ex

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– On Sep 15, 2022 at 2:30 p.m.

Astrology can help determine a number of elements in our lives. What if she let you know if you are able to sleep with your ex again? Here are the zodiac signs most likely to relapse.

What is your first reaction when you see your ex? Some run away from the meeting, while others make up for lost time by small talks, also called “small talks”. But for others, it’s guaranteed fantasy. They then look at their ex with such admiration that they say to themselves ‘What if we do it again?’. Especially since depending on how the relationship ended, there can sometimes be a taste of unfinished business.. Bringing out all kinds of unexpected emotions and feelings. And if astrology had something to do with it… Indeed, some zodiac signs would be much more likely than others to fall back into the arms of their ex. Here are which ones. If you recognize yourself, then be careful the next time you meet an ex…


Taurus is a fixed and stable zodiac sign. He is devoted and very often chooses his partners with care. Once he is engaged, he is strongly committed to love and remains proud to be a good partner, but also a good ex. Thus, loyalty is one of its main qualities. Taurus believes in hard work and progression. It is for this reason that he would be ready to fall back into the arms of his ex or to sleep with him/her again. He will tend to notice all the changes, often positive, that have taken place in the life of his ex, which will attract him even more. After all, he is very picky and if he sees that the deal is there, why not try again? This is the whole mentality of the bull: stability, comfort and security.


Sweet, imaginative, dreamy… Cancers aren’t the type to pretend their ex never existed. As a water sign known for their empathy, tenderness, and reassurance, they’re likely the type of person who wants to stay friends with their ex, even if it’s sometimes hard. Letting someone into your life is not trivial for cancer. And it is possible that during the period of separation, he feels some nostalgia towards his ex. So, due to his sensitivity and romanticism, his imagination can be activated and his will to get his ex back will be stronger and stronger.. Especially if he/she meets him/her again. Either way, Cancer will always tend to follow their instincts and emotions.


Libra tends to examine every situation thoroughly. However, she leads her life by seeking the company of others. So much so that she has a very idealistic approach to romantic relationships. Libra tries to understand her surroundings with depth, meaning she tends to be quite lenient with people who come into her life. Especially his exes. It is not at all in his nature to demonize them, and this, whatever the reasons for the separation. Whether she has had difficult or extraordinary moments with this person, she seeks peace and harmony above all.. It would therefore not be surprising to see the balance give a second chance to his ex.

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Zodiac signs most likely to sleep with their ex

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