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Whether you’re an astro pro or don’t know about the moon sign, you’ve come to the right place. the astrologer Jean-Yves Espie gives you the astrological keys to approach your week in all serenity.

What is your moon sign?

To know your moon sign, you just need to gather three data: your date, time and place of birth. This information allows the calculation of your lunar sign, also called astrological chart or star chart. Inside ? Your moon sign, ascendant and more. The birth chart can be calculated online on sites like Evozen or Astrotheme or on astrology applications. And if you don’t want all this information but just focus on the moon, you can separately do the calculating your moon sign.

How is the moon sign calculated?

The moon sign is calculated based on the position of the moon when you were born. If this one were in the constellation of Ram, then it is your moon sign. The moon goes around the twelve signs of the western zodiac in about 28 days, at the rate of two and a half days per astrological sign. Your time of birth is therefore imperative to determine your moon sign.

What is the role of the moon sign?

The moon sign represents your emotions, your inner child and your unconscious. Associated with the sign of Cancer, the moon represents our instinct for security, our relationship to family and memory. The moon sign provides information about what you deeply need and what comforts you.

Lunar horoscope of the sign of Aries

You start the year on a good footing. The full support of Mars l’actif gives a boost to your initiatives and stimulates your creativity by offering to open you up to other things. Take advantage of this week to fill up on positive thoughts, spontaneous impulses and encounters thanks to the passage of Venus as an accomplice sign.

Taurus Lunar Horoscope

The solar star and its faithful satellite Mercury in the sign of Earth form a benevolent duo on your moon sign. If you’ve been waiting for good news, this perspective of privacy luck should help you get there. It’s a good time to feel reassured and make plans or reorganize your interior as you’ve wanted for a long time.

Lunar horoscope of the sign of Gemini

Your sense of adaptation remains a safe bet to face the most unexpected situations. That’s good, there’s going to be movement! Several planets change sign during the week, and you will have to maintain the link between those who want to turn everything upside down and those who want nothing to change. Bet on your sense of humor no matter what.

Lunar horoscope of the sign of Cancer

Mercury and Pluto, who are currently wandering in your opposite sign, push you to question yourself. Don’t you tend to overdo it? What if you left them to fend for themselves, the ones who rely on you all the time? It would do you a lot of good, because you really need to recharge your batteries.

Lunar horoscope of the sign of Leo

Jupiter’s return in a Fire sign lifts your spirits and brings you the energy to reorganize what you want to change. Your receptivity will be more vivid, and you will only feel more the desire to love and to feel desired. It’s up to you to wake up the flame which is just waiting to start again!

Lunar horoscope sign Virgo

The double influence of the solar star and Mercury in an accomplice sign will awaken your need to want to organize everything to feel irreproachable. But it will also bring you a great ingenuity to solve all the little details of everyday life. Don’t try to control everything, even if that reassures you, and delegate more easily.

Lunar horoscope of the sign of Libra

Your need to maintain peace and harmony allows you to understand the other, but also forces you to make concessions. Don’t let these tokens of goodwill force you to forget yourself. If you know the difference well, then everything will be fine. And dare to express clearly what you need.

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Lunar horoscope of the sign of Scorpio

You have an intense emotional richness, and this week allows you to move forward emotionally and better understand what is expected of you. Connect your little antennas, because a meeting or an exchange with someone, giving you the impression of being on the same wavelength, is looming. Trust your intuition!

Lunar horoscope of the sign of Sagittarius

Mars, the planet of action, lingers in the sector of the sky facing you. Expect a boost of energy, but with the risk of not staying put and wanting to do too much. You want everyone around you to be responsive when you call on them, even if it means expressing your legendary impatience a little too much.

Lunar horoscope of the sign of Capricorn

Your first quality, which is to show you an unfailing reliability, suffers no dispute. The presence of Mercury and the solar star invites you to seek deep within you the treasures of sensitivity that you have carefully buried. Express everything you feel, but don’t feel like you’re exposing yourself.

Lunar horoscope of the sign of Aquarius

The arrival of Venus in your sector is synonymous with joy and sweetness. His contribution in terms of charm is a blessing for those looking for a rapprochement. If you feel like wanting to share moments of greater closeness, without letting yourself be overwhelmed, we could not hope for a greater influence.

Lunar horoscope of the sign of Pisces

The planets evolve globally in sectors that only wish you well, and you will make life more beautiful for everyone you love. Your relationships will naturally be more harmonious, and if you have a heart to take, leave the doors of your sensitivity wide open to welcome touching manifestations of affection.

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Your weekly lunar horoscope – Elle

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