Your Horoscope for the weekend of Saturday November 19, 2022

Your Horoscope for Saturday November 19, 2022

Your Horoscope for today, November 19, 2022. Let’s discover the predictions and the horoscope revealed by the famous astrologer of astrology and the show “Astrology” for today. As always, the famous astrologer revealed the daily horoscope in advance on our blog. Additionally, our astrologers’ predictions have also been revealed on the new edition of the popular astrology show. Let’s discover together today’s astrological predictions for people born under the signs of water, air, earth and fire. Don’t forget that, as the most followed astrologer by the French would say, “don’t believe the horoscope but verify it!” “.

Your Aries Horoscope

This Moon in opposition fails to block your will, it is not so rare in the life of an Aries to witness moments of great exuberance alternating with others of great silence and resignation, but remember you that this sign is a bit like the phoenix, somehow able to rise from its own ashes.

Your Taurus Horoscope

The opposition of the fast planets is almost over, but that does not mean that all clashes are over. However, we are beginning to glimpse a better month of December; people who have separated or gone through a serious crisis will manage to get along by the end of the year, those who love each other must find the desire to love again.

Your Gemini Horoscope

There are tensions that may relate to work and here we put forward all those who through negligence or simply a disagreement find themselves against a company, a boss or have to come did not come, the planetary oppositions of the next few weeks could also push those who have the right to something to consult an expert or to sign an important act.

Your: Cancer horoscope

Every once in a while you need to field test the emotions you feel, figure out if a person is really likeable to you or not. Between today and tomorrow, small obstacles or tensions could recur, you will be very critical or you will not fully trust someone. We think a lot of progress has been made since October, especially if you have a new job or are facing a big commitment.

Your Leo Horoscope

This period is important, a beautiful Venus has returned which also helps in friendships and in love. The novelty is that compared to the first two weeks of this November, you are now even able to let things slide on you, so that the supposed enemies, the people who have tried to harm you, cannot do nothing more.

Your Virgo Horoscope

Particular days because they imply the need to review tasks and obligations, they will also lead to the closure of certain situations that are no longer important. If for too long you have devoted space to your work and less to your physique and your form, we do not exclude that in the next ten days you must regain some balance and also think of a remedy, something to feel better.

Your Libra Horoscope

The fact that the Moon transits in the sign is important, we have 48 hours to awaken a feeling. We do not exclude that there is also good news to come. When you commit to something, you want to get the most out of it, even if that hasn’t always been the case in the past.

Your Scorpio Horoscope

These days are a little special because they reveal a great desire to love and we hope that in the first days of this month of November you experienced a good emotion. It’s good to face a problem at this time, you can talk about it and try to get better. We know that your zodiac sign sometimes has times when it overly criticizes everything, even its own actions.

Your Sagittarius Horoscope

Those who have worked hard lately will be able to have satisfaction, it is a period of good contacts as far as work is concerned. The most pleasing is the passage of Venus in the sign which helps to find a feeling.

Your Capricorn Horoscope

Small doubts this weekend, also big stress, it will be that you have been working so hard lately. It takes at least 48 hours to regain altitude, December will be a fruitful month and the start of 2023 will be important to understand what you need to get the most out of it.

Your Aquarius Horoscope

Moon in good aspect, thinks it is important to experience intriguing relationships, Aquarius wants to have an always stimulating partner by their side, they hate people who always say no or face life looking at the glass half empty rather than half full.

Your Pisces Horoscope

Between now and November 24, there will be a lot of unfinished business to settle, if there are any complaints to be made, it is likely that between now and next week you will have to speak clearly. Do not keep things to yourself, otherwise you may feel bad; for the sake of harmony, don’t always say what you think.

And that’s all for today as well. Are you happy with today’s horoscope predictions compared to yesterday’s? Otherwise, we remind you that the appointment is for tomorrow as always on the pages of Culture Commune.

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Your Horoscope for the weekend of Saturday November 19, 2022

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