Yann Barthès: “A bit manipulative”, his failings explained by astrology… a rival has the same sign as him!

It pours out only rarely, and so to speak never. Yann Barthesthis October 25 at the controls of Daily, is probably the most discreet man on television, and his private life is well kept from prying eyes. Only the few rare times he gives himself up on the set of Daily (TMC) allow you to know a little more about his off-air relationships. Like that day last June, when the ex-star of Little Diary of Canal+ revealed to have the “heavy heart” to see Lilia Hassaine, one of the emblematic columnists of her show, leave. We will therefore have understood that the host appreciated this one. Everything else still belongs to her secret garden. So we will have to bet on her astrological sign to learn more about what the latter could offer him in terms of character traits. And the Libra man, that he is, is full of ambiguities…

The Libra man has a “little star side“, and often displays a crazy charm. Assets that can give it the same “a bit manipulative“, as reported SHE, knowing through his charms how to get others to make his own decisions. Indeed, according to his astrological sign, Yann Barthès could well be very gifted in business, and he proves it by being at the head of one of the talks meeting with the greatest success in access. If he knows how to conduct his interviews as well, it is because he knows how to put himself in the place of his interlocutors, like the good native of Libra that he is. Double sign of the zodiac, like Gemini, it is not always very stable, on the other hand it knows how to bounce back, with this je-ne-sais-quoi of opportunism, by practicing the language of wood, with ease. Un dread sign.

An astrological common point with its greatest rival

The natives of this sign therefore find it difficult to take a position and have a lot of trouble choosing. It is therefore just as difficult for them to be “into it”, preferring not to take sides and avoid conflict. Libra is a being who likes to reconcile, reconcile and arbitrate. If in his emotional life, his changing emotions are difficult to follow, on the other hand on the professional level, it is much more so. He also shows patience and perseverance, which allows him to move forward and often go far. Facing Yann Barthès, one of his rivals shares this same astrological sign: this is Cyril Hanouna. The two kings of talks in France are therefore of the same sign. They were also born the same year. The Libra man is very respectful of the hierarchy and knows how to be patient to gain height.

Like Cyril Hanouna, who experienced many years of hardship without ever giving up before becoming the powerful man of television that we know at the controls of Do not touch My TV, Yann Barthès was also very patient. Returning to Canal + as an intern in the 90s, the 41-year-old presenter had never appeared on TV before playing The small newspaper for twelve years. Since then, he has enjoyed real success that does not seem to be about to stop.

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Yann Barthès: “A bit manipulative”, his failings explained by astrology… a rival has the same sign as him!

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