Work, ambition, libido: everything your Mars sign says about you

Less scrutinized than the placement indicating our solar and lunar signs, that of the powerful planet Mars in our horoscope is nonetheless equally important.

Positioning Mars, the planet of energy, action and sex, can shed light on your energy and the desires within you”, explicit astro-journalist Maressa Brown to shape.

According to the star specialist, there is real added value in knowing your Mars sign.

“About once every two years, Mars spends time exactly where it was when you were born. If you can identify this time period and tune in to how you are feeling and going through this exact moment, it could offer you clues as to how the next two years will unfold,” he said. -she.

A planet that influences our relationship to work by boosting our ambition

If it is better to have an overview of your astral chart to really interpret the influence of the planets on our personality, knowing the placement of the red planet at the time of its birth can already tell us a lot.

Land of our desires, actions, energies, passions and affirmations, Mars is the one that defines us most intimately. “Mars influences how one uses one’s innate energy to achieve one’s goals”, summarizes astrologer Lisa Stardust to Refinery29.

This is why the burning planet is so central to our relationship to work. “Mars rules fiery fire sign Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. It helps give Aries their zeal, high energy levels and powerful leadership skillsin order to pursue all its ambitious objectives”, reveals star specialist Nina Kahn to Bustle.

Mars, burning land of desires

But Mars is not just work, it is above all pleasure. And if we tend to refer to his Venusian sign to understand his relationship to lovethe position of the red planet in our horoscope also colors our relationships.

“Venus, the planet of love, decides who we love while Mars reflects how we fulfill our relationships,” nuance astrologer Narayana Montúfar near Refinery29. “Being the opposite of the receptive energy of Venus, Mars is that reactive, raw energy with which we defend ourselves when the times demand it.”

However, Mars is not the only mistress of our sensual desires. “Sex is a multilevel experience, often emotional (the moon), sometimes romantic (Venus), imaginative or spiritual (Neptune), and perhaps even transformative (Pluto). But when it comes to how you live and pursue the carnal aspect of sexuality, it’s your Mars that plays”, assures Maressa Brown, this time for InStyle.

Mars in the signs of the Zodiac

However, depending on the place that Mars occupied in the sky at the time of your birth, the red planet does not color our personalities in the same way.

Mars in Aries

As mentioned above, Mars is the planet that rules the Ram. It is therefore one of his most powerful slots. “People with this energy aren’t afraid to take action and often tend to be quite courageous. They will have a fiery temper and a libido easily inflamed”, explicit astrologer Kyle Thomas to The New York Post.

Mars in Taurus

In the sign of Bull, the ardor of Mars is extinguished somewhat and it is restful. “It means that these people act, pursue their goals and express their libido in a more refined and gentle way,” according to Kyle Thomas. In summary, in Taurus, Mars makes the pleasure last.

Mars in Gemini

March in Gemini is a highly intellectual and communicative placement. People born under this positioning are particularly fond of discussions, even in conflicting situations. “If you were born with Mars in super-communicative Gemini, self-expression is integral to your sexual fulfillment,” says Maressa Brown for InStyle.

Mars in Cancer

At the Cancer, Mars is charged with a particular emotion. For its natives, emotional connection is a top priority and they often express the need to be a protector to those around them. “In the event of a conflict, they will only use anger as a vehicle for their emotions only if absolutely necessary. As for sex, these individuals need an emotional connection to be intimate, otherwise the interaction will not be satisfying”, specifies the specialist of the stars Kyle Thomas.

Mars in Leo

In Lion, Mars shines. “If you were born with Mars in Leo, you are an optimistic go-getter who yearns to be in the spotlight, to lead and enjoy luxurious sexy getaways with your partner,” says Maressa Brown.

Mars in Virgo

In Virgin, Mars goes straight ahead, especially at work. Irreproachable ethics and unwavering objectives are the watchwords of this positioning. “These people are excellent planners and organizers and value productivity above all else. This also applies to the way they manifest their anger or their sexuality: with logic, balance and intellectualism”, notes Kyle Thomas.

Mars in Libra

According to the astrologer of New York PostMarch in Balance is out of his comfort zone. This means that the fiery nature of Mars is expressed with more measure. “These people tend to value harmony, peace, fairness and justice over personal victory. When it comes to sex, they like it light, romantic and sweet and often prefer others to take the lead,” he explains.

Mars in Scorpio

In Scorpiothe red planet is “magnetic, spiritual and super-sexual”, according to Maressa Brown. “These people are often power-hungry with extremely high libidos. They have a perseverance and strength that sets them apart personally and professionally, but – when they are angry – they will stop at nothing to crush their enemies,” added Kyle Thomas.

Mars in Sagittarius

Adventurer and curious, the Sagittarius tinge with its spontaneity the explosive Mars when it is in its sign. “These people need a constant supply of stimulation and interaction to keep them occupied. When it comes to conflict, these people can be particularly impulsive. In bed, they are the most passionate”, reveals Maressa Brown.

Mars in Capricorn

In Capricorn, the specialists of the stars assure that Mars is “exalted”. Very focused on the career, the ambition of Capricorn is increased tenfold by the influence of Mars. “When it comes to conflict, these people are cunning, understanding that drama is a waste of energy unless they come out on top. They will often refocus their passion and emotions on their goals or career.”

Mars in Aquarius

March in Aquarius is idealistic. “Their ideas are paramount and once they form them, they won’t change their minds and may be quite stubborn. In a situation of conflict, these people are passionate about debate and will rally others to their cause to support them,” notes Kyle Thomas for the New York Post.

Mars in Pisces

In Pisces, Mars is adorned with an exacerbated sensitivity. Creative, romantic and eager to connect with others, in Pisces, the red planet softens. “Your sex life is influenced by your wild imagination. You are more passive than aggressive, preferring to see what comes your way, rather than pursuing what you feel like,” concludes Maressa Brown for InStyle.

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Work, ambition, libido: everything your Mars sign says about you

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