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Published on January 31, 2023 at 1:30 p.m.

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You thought astrology never mixed with history? Missed. People born during these five years have the wrong ascendant, here’s why.

Your grandmother was born in 1942 and you always thought that her strong character was due to her ascendant Ram ? Perhaps you are completely wrong. In fact, it all depends on where you are born. And no, we’re not just talking about the country or the city. Free zone or occupied zone? 1941 or 1942? French or German summer time? These are the real astrological questions. Because yes, for five years of our history, some people did not have the right time of birth.

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When Wars Influence Astrology

“To be born somewhere, for those who are born, it’s always a coincidence”, sang Maxime le Forestier, strong in his wisdom of Aquarius. In astrology, everything is a matter of date of birth, of course, but also of place and time. It is thanks to these data that the astrologers of yesteryear worked out birth charts using calculations and ephemeris. Today, algorithms spare us this hard work, but we are never safe from a cosmic error at the time. To tell the truth, a whole section of French people born under the occupation do not have the right time of birth.

As the Second World War raged, the occupied zone and the free zone were forced to switch to German time, gradually, depending on the advance of the German army. One or two hours of shift were then installed, according to German summer time or not. Of course, there were many other fish to fry at the time, astrology being far from being a priority in times of war (or even peace). But today and with hindsight, this detail has influenced the ascendancy and therefore the horoscope of a whole generation.

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In search of the lost ascendant

To reestablish the cosmic truth, it suffices to know the place of birth, and the time given at that moment, in the occupied or free zone. According to Mara Maudrac’s book, here is how to go about finding your ascendant, the ascendant of your grandfather or your mother. Depending on the date and time of birth available to you, these indications tell you whether to remove one hour or two.

In the free zone

From February 25, 1940 to May 4, 1941, 11 p.m.: – 1 a.m.

From May 4, 1941, 11 p.m. to October 6, 1941, midnight: – 2 a.m.

From October 6, 1941, midnight to March 8, 1942, midnight: – 1 a.m.

From March 9, 1942, midnight to November 2, 1942, 3 a.m.: – 2 a.m.

From November 2, 1942, 3 a.m. to October 4, 1943, 3 a.m.: – 2 a.m.

From March 29, 1943, 3 a.m. to April 3, 1944, 2 a.m.: – 1 a.m.

From October 4, 1943, 3 a.m. to April 3, 1944, 2 a.m.: – 1 a.m.

From April 3, 1944, 2 a.m. to October 8, 1944, midnight: – 2 a.m.

From October 8, 1944, midnight to April 2, 1945, 2 a.m.: – 1 a.m.

From April 2, 1945, 2 a.m. to September 16, 1945, 3 a.m.: – 1 a.m.

In occupied area

“It was the advance of the occupying armies that determined the adoption of German summer time,” writes Mara Maudrac. This was in force from June 15, 1940, 11 a.m., in Paris, and from July 1, 1940, 11 p.m., in Bordeaux. So, from these dates until November 2, 1942, 3:00 a.m.: – 2:00 a.m. From November 2, 1942, the working hours were the same as in the free zone. »

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Why people born during this period don’t have the right ascendant – Elle

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