Which zodiac signs have the least luck in love? Discover the 3 losers!

If some of your loved ones are constantly in a relationship, others, on the contrary, have a hard time settling down, even when they seem not to be so well in their celibacy. On closer inspection, you may even find some similarities in their astrological sign. In any case, the stars have their opinion on the most unlucky signs in love. So are your hard-core, not-so-happy-to-be single friends one of them? If it’s these three signs that don’t seem to be the luckiest in love, it’s simply because of their approach to love, their way of managing their feelings, but also their desire to live together. Indeed, some signs are on the contrary lucky in love. These include Pisces, Cancer, Taurus and Virgo. If the first, last sign of the zodiac is simply love, Taurus advances in love like a competitor.

So what are our three most unlucky signs in love? If love remaining intact for decades is a dream for many, some will have a harder time achieving it. These include the sign of Scorpio. Although this Water sign is particularly sensitive, Scorpio has a destructive temperament. The native of this sign is the specialist in excesses of all kinds. Thus, he likes 100%, and conversely does not like. Which makes lasting love quite difficult. Because if he does not manage to get attached, he will get tired just as quickly, or else fall madly in love. And there the intensity could scare away a few not up to it. Before meeting the right person, the native of this sign will know a few stories. This is the case of Jenifer or Florence Foresti, natives of Scorpio. Recently fell in love with Alexandre Kominek, comedian 14 years younger than her, the mother of Toni, 15, no longer believed in it. And at the dawn of her 50th birthday, she seems to live things passionately. “Love comes into your life and you start over, and you’re 16. Let’s take advantage!“, she let know.

One independent, and the other demanding… Too much?

Aquarius is also a sign that is not the luckiest in love. It must be said that it is the most independent astrological sign of the zodiac. Aquarius values ​​their freedom more than anything else. Marked by her breakup with Brad Pitt, years ago, Jennifer Aniston has known other romances but seems happy in her current celibacy. Native of Aquarius, the actress values ​​her freedom. And the autonomy of the natives of this sign can sometimes scare the loved one, who will always feel in the background. Their ideal lover? Someone as independent as them. Finally, Capricorn also sometimes has trouble finding shoes that fit. Particularly demanding, he has a hard time finding a soul mate. native of Capricorn, Kate Middleton found his solution: marry a prince. Let us specify all the same friends Scorpio, Aquarius and Capricorn that nothing is determined. Love does not only depend on the stars, but also on each person’s very personal journey. Finally, even when the astrological signs come into play, we must also take into account the rest of the birth chart and not only the sun sign. You are saved!

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Which zodiac signs have the least luck in love? Discover the 3 losers!

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